Amber Miller and James Gwartney: From Pandemic Boredom to TikTok Fame

Amber Miller and James Gwartney, a couple whose shared sense of humor and love for laughter would soon catapult them into internet stardom.

Amber and James, both in their mid-twenties, had been inseparable since high school. They attended college together, worked side-by-side as servers at a local Applebee’s, and shared countless inside jokes. But it was their decision to channel their playful banter and comedic insights into TikTok videos that marked the beginning of an unexpected journey.

Starting with simple skits and humorous takes on daily life, the couple launched their TikTok account, @staylaughingcouple, under the banner “Stay Laughing Comedy.” Their content, which often features lighthearted, relatable comedy aimed at other couples, quickly resonated with viewers around the world.

What set James and Amber apart was not just their comedic timing but their ability to connect with their audience through authentic and often improvised sketches. Their skits frequently include a touch of raunchy humor, appealing to an adult audience without crossing into vulgarity.

By 2022, the Stay Laughing Comedy brand had not only amassed a following of over 2.3 million fans but had also transformed James and Amber from part-time video creators to full-time content producers. The duo registered Stay Laughing Comedy LLC, and their earnings from content, ad revenue, sponsorships, and more surpassed $850,000—a testament to their appeal and entrepreneurial spirit.

Despite their rapid rise, James and Amber have remained grounded. They continue to produce new content, expanding their reach beyond TikTok to other social media platforms, and staying true to their initial mission: to bring joy and laughter to people’s lives.

James Gwartney and Amber Miller’s story is not just about finding fame online; it’s about the power of creativity, partnership, and perseverance in the face of global adversity. They remind us that sometimes, a little laughter is all we need to make a big difference.

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