Are you a passionate blogger and an expert in your field? Get in contact with us today, we would love to have you on board as one of our many contributors. Do not hesitate; there is always something to write about!

We welcome guest posts related the following niches:

  • Online Marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media
  • Web Development
  • Online Security
  • Email Marketing
  • Technology

Before publishing your content:

Please read our guidelines and follow these carefully to ensure we can publish your post – there is a lot of detail because we want our guest posts to be engaging to readers and shareable through social media – this is essential to protect our brand’s reputation for quality and to build yours too!

It’s rare that we ask for articles to be resubmitted or refuse publication since most guest bloggers follow these carefully, but occasionally we do have to refuse where the value for readers isn’t there, the formatting in points 5 to 9 is wrong or their main aim is simply SEO.

Before we get to the details, here’s a summary of our style guidelines:

  • Subheading (H2) immediately after main article heading (H1)
  • Use additional headings (H3) and (H4) plus bulleted lists to aid scannability
  • No generic anchor text links for SEO featuring your products and services
  • Please provide a biography and image as well

Actionable – Content should not just provide the “why” but the “how”.

Instructional – The content should provide the instructions for implementation including step-by-step guidelines, tips, advice, first person experience or learning.

Data-Driven – Each post should have at least two relevant data points or statistics that serve to provide market validation for your content’s positioning.

Length – A minimum of 1,600 words, but are ideally 2,000 words.

Original – Content that has been published elsewhere will not be accepted.

Writing Standards – We only publish writing that is of high quality and meets our quality standards.

Reported Content – We do not accept content that quotes or cites third-party sources or is “reported” content. We only accept content offering advice from the expert whose by-line is on the article.

Infographics, Video, and Images – We do not accept infographics, video or images, including stock images. The only images we can accept are screen shots.

Promotional Content – We do not accept content that is intended to promote your company or another company. Your article’s goal should be to offer advice based on your experience and expertise.

Linking Rules

You are allowed one in-text link back to your site, and one link within your author bio (in bio could be your homepage). If we determine the link is unnecessary, it will be removed. All links included must be used for reference, and clearly identifiable to the reader what they’re being linked to.

Editing and Publishing

As editors, we reserve the right to edit your content for the audience, or send your pieces back for revisions to better fit our audience. In most cases, articles will reviewed within 48 hours.

Social Sharing and Engagement

We strongly encourage you to share content on your social channels, and engage with others that are sharing and interacting with your content. Not only does this help your brand get more exposure, but it drives views to your article.


Send to us:

  • your article in a word document (please do proofreading before sending the content)
  • your BIO (with link to your website and social media)
  • your headshot (for BIO)


Please include links to images where we can download them from. The images should come from copyright free sources like:

Please don’t send the images but only links to them (we will download them). However, you can include custom screenshots (of your own work).

We will review your content within 5 days. Once it is accepted, it will be published within the next 5 days.