Kayla Burk

Shopping in a COVID-19 economy with Coupon with Kayla

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected the way society operates, especially the marketplace. Coupon with Kayla is a new, exciting website that provides customers with all the latest deals, offers and discounts... Read more »
How London’s booming tech marketing agency scene is supporting fintech and general tech startups

How London’s booming tech marketing agency scene is supporting fintech and general tech startups

London-based tech startups are growing rapidly as the entire tech industry is booming around the world. In a time where people are doing more things online, it makes sense that digital solutions... Read more »
Leo Frost

Leo Khusro, the jeweler you should know

Indeed, jewelry is an art, and the manufacturer is an artist. Jewelers have to be in touch with reality and with their spirits even as they try to make sense of things... Read more »
Yatin Patel, co-founder of Reservations

Yatin Patel, co-founder of Reservations.com, talks about a customer centric approach in the travel booking industry

The online travel accommodation booking website Reservations.com is a beacon of hope in a sea of poor-quality providers, with co-founder Yatin Patel passionate about his mission to provide effective and sincere customer... Read more »
Dan Legg

How sleeping rough for a documentary kept self-made millionaire Dan Legg grounded

When you’re on a hot streak of success and garnering millions in revenue in a short time, it can be easy to get lost in the stars and become a caricature of... Read more »
Joseph Daher

Joseph Daher’s Billie Jean Enterprises: A Dynamic Business Empowering Success

Joseph Daher, known as Jackson in the business world, has built a thriving and dynamic enterprise known as Billie Jean Enterprises. This highly successful company has earned widespread recognition for its innovative... Read more »
Christian Konopatzki

The Rise and Rise of Christian Konopatzki

In the competitive world of business, its easy to be missed, to fall by the wayside or to just blend into the crowd. In order to succeed, you need to push through... Read more »