Analysis of the Benefits of Using Language Learning Apps

Lockdowns and social distancing meant that many of us had no choice but to learn online during the pandemic. App development companies were inundated! But now things are getting back to normal, should we be ditching the apps and heading back to face-to-face? Apps still present great language learning opportunities. Here are their top 6 benefits.

Learn anywhere, anytime

This is by far the most significant advantage of language learning apps. You can genuinely learn at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection.

Prefer studying late at night, at 4 am, or on your lunch break? No problem! Whether you are learning from an app without face-to-face contact or with a tutor, it’s always learning time with an app.

The same applies to location. Gone are the days of having to leave your house to learn a new language. An app allows you to learn anywhere you like. From your favourite armchair, in your PJ’s with a cup of tea, or at the library in a nice quiet spot.

As long as it facilitates learning, you can choose the location that suits you.

Choose any Language and Course

Choose any Language and Course

Language learning apps don’t just cater to the popular languages, you’ll be amazed at the variety of languages you can find.

We all learn languages for different reasons. Maybe you are relocating for work? Studying abroad? Or maybe you want greater access to literature and pros in a different language? Whatever your reasons, whatever your language, you’ll find it online.

It can be incredibly frustrating when learning a less popular language to be using inadequate materials or simply not having access to what you need. Language learning apps provide high-quality, engaging and comprehensive materials in 100s of languages. Even weird ones!

Frustrated with not being able to choose the topics you are learning? Language apps will allow you to pick and choose topics and different language aspects to learn, so you can focus on what’s important and relevant to you.


Language learning apps usually provide a free option for courses and classes. You can begin studying without any financial commitment, and if you decide you love the app and the language, then you can pay for the premium version.

The cost of apps tends to be monthly or annually and the cost is usually very reasonable. Cancel anytime if you’re not happy. You are under no obligation to buy a set course or make a commitment for longer than a month.

Study at your own pace

It can be frustrating and demoralising attending classes and feeling like you are not keeping up or would like some things clarified.

A language learning app allows you to learn 100% at your own pace. You can repeat sections of your chosen language course as often as you like until you feel confident you know it. You can dip in and out of different topics as you like. You can even skip sections that you feel are not relevant to your language learning goals. Pause in the middle of a lesson for a toilet or coffee break or give yourself a brain break.

With language learning apps you really are in control of your learning right from day 1.


Language learning apps are interactive, and use games and different types of exercises to keep the learning process engaging and fun.

So often in more formal learning settings, classes can get a little dry. But language learning apps use multimodal, colourful and entertaining interfaces with fast-paced interactive activities that won’t give you time to feel bored at all!

Face-to-Face classes with a teacher

Face-to-Face classes with a teacher

There are two primary types of language learning apps – those with and those without native speaker interaction.

In order to really be able to speak a language, you need to practice with a speaking partner.

Language learning apps like Duolingo focus primarily on games and exercises without native speaker interaction.

Apps like Italki or Preply give you direct access to native-speaking tutors who provide engaging and entertaining classes in a variety of different languages. Want to learn one of the Romance language like French or Italian? These apps have a world of tutors to choose from.

Variety wins the day…

When learning a new language. Choose to mix it up with different apps and tutors. You can even combine face-to-face with online. It’s your language learning journey so choose what works for you!

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