Seacoast Press

Make Your Book a Best-Seller with Publishing Company Seacoast Press

Having a best selling book requires a lot of hard work and a commitment to producing a high quality work. For those who want to retain the rights to their writing, self-publishing... Read more »
Justin Melnichuk

How Young Entrepreneur Justin Melnichuk Built His Million Dollar Business Sneaker Kitchen

Justin Melnichuk is a well-known name in California, and one that is about to be known throughout the USA. The 16 year old has spent the past 4 years working hard to... Read more »
Low Tier God

How Internet Sensation Low Tier God Built His Impressive Career

California resident Dalauan Sparrow has successfully built a career around his love of entertaining. Online, he is known as Low Tier God, an engaging content creator specializing in YouTube gaming videos. But... Read more »
Bryn Carden

Bryn Carden Reveals How to Use Social Media as a Tool to Create Brand Loyalty

Demographic information reveals insight into the direction social media is turning. The revolutionary technology that occupies many an app space on phones worldwide is now classified more by younger and middle-aged generations... Read more »
The best natural human hair wig to choose from

The Best Natural Human Hair Wig to Choose From

There is nothing sadder than finding the unfit poor-quality wig on the Internet. When you receive a thin wig that lacks authenticity, you will be crushed! Although the photos are promising, the... Read more »
Marc Illy

From a Marketing Executive to an Iconic Entrepreneur – Marc Illy’s Journey to Prosperity

Giving up on a purposeful journey of life is as deadly as death. Marc Illy believes when you pursue your dreams with tenacity, strive through the adversities and the vicissitudes of life... Read more »
Edna Freeman

Edna Freeman Announces the Launch of Her New Children’s Book

Acclaimed author and poet Edna Freeman announces the launch of her new children’s book, My New Friend. Available in both English and Portuguese, the book aims to help children navigate the challenges... Read more »