Altering people’s mindsets in crypto with the right insights and information is Pumpcoinbets

Pumpcoinbets had earned more headlines recently when it supported and promoted an NFT project for helping it get more allow list sponsors and promoters. Kiattichai Rakkong, aka Pumpcoinbets operates Twitter and Telegram... Read more »

Hatchlabz is Connecting the NFT World to the Fashion Industry

The difference between a small business or startup and a successful and profitable company usually boils down to time. The experience of the entrepreneur can also play a part. Hatchlabz believes that... Read more »

GreenAir is the world’s first 100 percent eco-friendly cryptocurrency

A new way to move digital money has taken the world by storm, but cryptocurrency doesn’t come without a major downside — the environmental impact of computer usage and carbon emissions it... Read more »
AHM Ape Hidden Mistress

Walt Disney NFT Project: AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) Now Viral – A “JACKPOT” NFT If You Can Mint In December…

Anyone that mint Walt Disney’s (AHM) Ape’s Hidden Mistress 5,555 NFTs will enjoy huge profits and monthly income. The mint date is set for December 2021. It really does not matter if... Read more »
Picassol NFT Auction and Elon Musk

Picassol NFT Auction & Elon Musk $250 Million… Minting Is Happening In December 2021

“Elon Musk’s” tweet saying “Who else is waiting? PicasSOL Auction”  was quickly removed, but over thousands of people have seen it, bringing out dark secrets behind Private Auction. However, nothing was against... Read more »
Mirko Scarcella

Marketing for crypto? Promote Your Crypto Project with Lion Adv, and reach the followers of famous Celebrities

The Crypto market is volatile. The challenges of decentralized finance are immense as you are heading directly out of the centralized control. Creative approach and innovation could be smart to make known... Read more »

DaFIN, Open a differentiated real NFT marketplace

LINE Tech plus recently predicted that the NFT market will grow to $16.3 billion in 2021 and up to $185 billion by 2025. For example, Open Sea, a leading NFT marketplace company,... Read more »