Dollas Up Nero

Rapper Dollas Up Nero Drops Gems about music marketing

Failure is never fatal; success is not a final outcome: it is our courage to forge forward that always counts. Achievers in the music industry will often claim that their progress is... Read more »

Bronx Rapper Lokolil Unique Talents Are Setting Him Up for Success

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Saqib Aslam

Music Producer & Creator Saqib Aslam On The Importance Of Hard Work & Luck

Making any waves in the music industry is hard enough, Saqib Aslam knows the journey is filled with uphill battles and various obstacles that can knock the wind out of any sail.... Read more »
Patrick ‘Hot Money’ Osei

The success story of Patrick ‘Hot Money’ Osei

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TEMPO reflects on his journey so far as a music producer

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GQueTv Passionately Breaks Down the Active and Absent on ‘Black Fathers Matter’

In the Black community the perception has been that the Black father is absent from raising and providing for their children. According to an article published by Complex (The CDC has debunked... Read more »

IAmMoneyMoves, hip hop music manager and his unique management style

IAmMoneyMoves, is a music manager who has a no nonsense management style, as well as a format to go with it. iAmMoneyMoves understands that artists are motivated by creativity, and with creativity... Read more »