GreenAir is the world’s first 100 percent eco-friendly cryptocurrency

A new way to move digital money has taken the world by storm, but cryptocurrency doesn’t come without a major downside — the environmental impact of computer usage and carbon emissions it takes to operate.

A new crypto is about to change all of that.

GreenAir is the world’s first 100 percent eco-friendly cryptocurrency. The company’s innovative device uses renewable energy to help eliminate the carbon footprint created in the process of cryptocurrency production. The results of using GreenAir’s device is cleaner air while earning $GREEN for the amount of air cleaned.

New cryptocurrencies are created through a process of mining, which involves the operation of cycling through algorithms to solve immensely complicated mathematical equations. Once those equations are solved and the transactions are identified from the mining farms, they are added to a blockchain, the system of recorded transactions from cryptocurrency is maintained in a peer-to-peer network.

The excessive use of computers creates greater energy consumption from power plants, which then creates more pollution and emissions of greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere.

But what makes the GreenAir Project different is that air pollution is reduced with a device that is designed to the air while not polluting in its own operation.

The company, which was founded by a team of specialists in the blockchain industry, reports that GreenAir can only be mined from its own devices, which are powered by solar energy.

“This is a revolutionary change in the world of crypto,” the company reports.

With the use of the innovative device that uses renewable energy to clean air pollution and obtain eco-friendly tokens, the company expects to see great acceptance and growth not unlike the beginnings of the digital money movement by Bitcoin.

GreenAir’s sustainable and eco-friendly mining system for the home is a sophisticated design of technology that renews the air by using nanotechnology components to clean air. The technology will connect to the control panel of a mobile device or computer, and the company expects to roll out an app to monitor devices as well.

According to GreenAir, airlines and corporations who generate greenhouse gases often pay others to reduce that footprint, but participating in buying $GREEN will allow more companies to be involved in the push for cleaner air.

Green’s development team is made up of experts in different fields that complement each other. For example, Pablo Gomez is the founder of and José Luis Martir is a computer engineer, founder of

The company is currently rolling out presale of the device and intends to launch $GREEN in the first quarter of 2022 when the crypto will be listed in the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Exchanges. Beta testing is expected to begin in 2024 with a launch of the GreenAir Home device in 2025.

GreenAir’s cryptocurrency is powered by contributions from institutions, and personal investors. Those who join the network of “Green Cleaners” will receive $GREEN.

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