Walt Disney NFT Project: AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) Now Viral – A “JACKPOT” NFT If You Can Mint In December…

Anyone that mint Walt Disney’s (AHM) Ape’s Hidden Mistress 5,555 NFTs will enjoy huge profits and monthly income. The mint date is set for December 2021.

It really does not matter if you pay the minting cost of $100 in SOL (Solana) or win a free NFT, being able to “Mint Yourself” this NFT is same as winning the lottery.

In other words, whoever gets even just one NFT of Ape’s Hidden Mistress NFTs will never need to work another day in their life. Walt Disney and AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) love the “First Minters” as they treat them as “Loyalists”.

The benefit for “The Original Minters in December” is enormous. Even if you sell the entire free airdrop NFTs they give you to original minters, being the “first minter” will still earn at least $15,000 every month. (Or become a instant millionaire by selling all their NFTs)

How is that possible?

Well, first of all, it’s “Walt Disney”. This project AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) is backed by one of the richest and the biggest company in the world. They are entering into the NFT world with new projects coming called “The Ape, Tarzan’s Hidden Mistress”, which is a spin-off for a Tarzan where it talks about the “Alternate Reality”.

Walt Disney loves surprises. Therefore, every week, there will be something crazy such as free airdrop to all “original minters”, but not to the “holders who bought from any secondary marketplace”.

There are few confirmedfree air drop to everyone who was able to mint in December” are 3D Upgraded Graphic Design 5,555 NFTs which are completely free to those who minted, and also “free Mickey mouse NFTs”, which was supposed to be a surprise airdrop.

That is not all. They will be giving out a small percentage of their earnings to all the “original” minters that they make from the film project of Tarzan’s spin-off. The monthly $15,000 does not include these film earnings, so it’s easy to assume why some people are offering up to $1 Million for a minted NFT already.

Many minters will be tempted as the offers for the minted NFTs are already reaching at about $1 Million US dollars. It is completely minter’s choice to sell; however, if they were to hold it for a year or two, it is easily possible that they could sell each NFT for over $15 Million within a few years.

And of course, that is “while you are still earning at least $15,000 monthly doing nothing”.

The random giveaway is a free NFT minting ticket event made for Walt Disney and AHM fans. However, this random giveaway, before it even began, this information leaked to Wall Street somehow. And they are “Not Discord Users”.

So, all the top stock brokers were comes online once in a week for 3 seconds to check if they won. Their team already removed many Discord members to start fresh.

“We are changing the rule for the event now. We already removed as many of those new Discord users, who are not a fan, but these cold hearted top investors who just wanted to win our free NFT.” Said AHM.

From now on, the rule is this: On a daily basis, we will pick a random time. From the online member at that exact time, we will be giving away free mint tickets to some people.” Said Walt Disney’s team.

NFT world is quite crazy than anyone thinks. There are countless people who became a millionaire just overnight or flip NFTs for a week and make $5 Million.

Here is the link to Walt Disney’s NFT projectApe’s Hidden Mistress (AHM) Twitter and their Discord. You can also learn more on their website: AHM.Global.

December 2021 is going to be one incredible month as we will be seeing this AHM NFT Project sell out within 1 second. However, there will be a “fair lottery” system in place, so get updated on their Discord channel while just being online on Discord can get you a chance to “never need to work again”.

NFT world is getting bigger and many big companies and billionaires are joining. Invite everyone that you know that uses Discord often. This implies to gamers, or streamers etc. If you told your friend and if they luckily win, both of you can share and it will still be enough for the both of you to retire at that moment.

Official website (ahm.global) and Twitter, Discord by clicking on the left. They are at “the earliest of the earliest stage, as they didn’t even launch yet.

Therefore, right now is the best time to join to win a free NFT. Good luck to everyone!

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