You may be using Microsoft Outlook to send emails but you are making a mistake. Why? The answer is quite simple- this email app has been outdated and replaced with better alternatives.  Microsoft Outlook is now considered outdated. The program has not been updated since 2010, and there are many bugs that still exist in the software.

It has also become difficult to find someone with Microsoft Office who can help with troubleshooting problems that arise because fewer people use the software. Many people have switched to using Gmail instead of Outlook for their email platform, which is free and offers more features than Outlook’s free version does. Gmail also works on most devices, whereas Microsoft programs need to be installed separately for each device you want it on; this makes it harder to manage your calendar across all your devices. So, if you love using outlook and still getting this error then you need to follow these steps.

Steps to remove errors

  • When you have the Outlook mail error, there are cache files that can be removed from your computer. The following steps will guide you on how to do so.

1) Open “My Computer” and find the C Drive (C:\).

2) Once in C drive, open Windows > App Data > Local > Microsoft > Office or Microsoft Outlook (depending on which version of outlook is installed).

3) Find all folders with “cache” in their name.

4) Select them all and delete them.

5) Restart your computer for changes to take effect.

6) Try opening Outlook again; if it has not fixed the problem, proceed to next step below.

  • We know that everyone has been experiencing bugs and issues with their devices. To help fix this, we have updated our app to the latest version of Microsoft App. This update is timely because it fixes some errors and bugs. It also includes new features such as a recent tab which allows you to see what you were doing last before your device crashed or became unresponsive. If you want to try out these new updates on your phone, download the app and click “update” in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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