Do you often find that your emails are not being sent or received? Is your inbox constantly filling up with unread messages and spams? If so, the problem could be in how you use Microsoft Outlook.  Some people may think it is easy to send and receive an email using this program, but they might be unaware of some minor changes they need to make in order for it to work smoothly. This blog post will go over simple steps that anyone can do, which will help them fix their error of “pii_email_9819b9d4f2983a93418c.”

Methods to Resolve Errors

  • You may be getting cache files. These are temporary files that accumulate and cause your Outlook to show errors, such as the message “Cannot display this email”. The issue is due to a bug in Microsoft Office and can be fixed by deleting all of your cache files. To do this: 1. Go into C:\Users\<username>AppData Local 2. Delete everything inside 3. Restart computer 4. Check for any other folders with cache files 5. Repeat steps 1-5 until you have removed all caches. 6. If you’re still receiving an error message, try restarting outlook again. 7. If none of these methods work, contact Microsoft Support.  You will need to delete some or all emails from the folder that is giving you issues.
  • Many of us have been experiencing errors and problems with our Microsoft app lately. This blog post will show you how to fix some of these issues by simply updating your Microsoft App on your device. You can update the app in one easy step.

The steps are as follows:

1) Go to Settings;

2) Select System;

3) Select Apps & features;

4) Scroll down until you find Microsoft App (if it is not there, then go back up to “System” and select “Apps”;

5) Click Update.

6) Wait for the process to complete (it may take a while).

7) Done!

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