For many people, using Microsoft Outlook is a daily occurrence. From checking emails to scheduling appointments, it can be difficult to keep up with everything that goes on in the day without this program. Unfortunately, there are some errors that can occur while using Outlook and they may not always be easy to identify. This blog post will discuss the top three most common errors found when using Microsoft Outlook for Windows 10 and how they might be resolved.

1) “The message cannot be sent because an unknown error occurred” – Usually this error occurs when trying to send an email or resend one you have already sent before sending another message. One way of resolving this issue would involve running the repair utility from within your computer’s settings menu which will fix most issues.

Solutions for the Errors

  • If you have been experiencing Outlook mail error, or any other issue related to your cache files on your computer, follow the steps below to fix it. Select all of them and delete them.
  • For those who are using Microsoft apps, you may have experienced the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. This is because your device has outdated software. To avoid this error, it’s important to know how to update your Microsoft app and fix bugs that might be causing issues.

How do I update my Microsoft app?

To ensure that you’re running on the latest version of an app, follow these steps: go into Settings -> Apps -> Your App; tap Update; choose whether or not to wait for Wi-Fi (the default option) or apply now without Wi-Fi (if available).

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