There is a new error that has been occurring in Microsoft Outlook. The error message says “invalid data type” and the issue is not a technical problem with your email account, but rather an incompatibility between your email client and the version of Microsoft Exchange Server you use.   This post will detail what the message means as well as how to fix it.

There are so many ways to use Microsoft Outlook. Here is an article about how to solve the error in using Microsoft Outlook.  The key point of this blog post is that you can fix your problem by following these steps:  First, close all applications and then restart your computer; Second, open the Windows Task Manager and kill processes related to Microsoft Office; Third, run a virus scan on your system with one of the recommended antivirus software programs.

Methods to solve the Error

  • The Microsoft app store is a great place to find and install new apps, but sometimes the update process can be slow. The good news is that there are some simple things you can do to speed up the updating process.  In this post I’ll share with you an easy way to help keep your apps updated by understanding how the Windows Store works.  The first thing you need to know is that updates happen in stages so different people will have different versions of an app at any given time, which means it’s possible for someone else’s version of an app might not even have a bug or issue that yours does.
  • Microsoft pushes out updates for their apps to fix bugs and errors. When you update, it fixes a lot of issues that were unknown before the update. We all want our devices running smoothly and error free, so we should always keep up with the latest updates from Microsoft.

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