Many people are using Microsoft Outlook for emailing, scheduling meetings, or managing their daily to-do lists.   There is one small error that many of us have been making unknowingly which can lead to some serious consequences in the future. The problem is when you delete an email in your inbox and it goes into your deleted folder. If you want to save this email permanently then copy it before deleting it from the inbox because once you delete an email in your inbox there’s no way of getting it back.

Microsoft Outlook is an email application that has become so popular among many people in the world. It has been used by professionals, students and even for personal use. However, it can be error-prone due to several factors such as not knowing how to do something in the program or just forgetting what you did last time when you opened up your outlook. This blog will give tips on how to avoid these errors and keep your inbox clear of clutter.

Solution to remove errors

  • If you are using outlook to send and receive email, then there is a good chance that you have encountered the following error message while trying to read your emails. “Outlook cannot display this folder.” By deleting cache files, you are capable of removing this error.
  • In this day and age, many people are still using the old Windows XP operating system. This is an outdated operating system that has been around since 2001, which means it is a decade out of date! It’s time to update your computer with a new one. Updating your Microsoft app also fixes errors and bugs.

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