Nuts and Bolts of Awesome Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a time-tested approach to promoting a brand. In fact, 81% of small businesses make use of emails as their primary customer acquisition channel.

As an email user yourself, you know how marketing emails look like. You probably receive one or more emails from various companies every day. While you don’t get to read them all, you’ve probably come across some nice emails with offers you can’t resist. Maybe you’ve even forwarded those letters to your friends and family.

Email marketing is a powerful strategy for generating leads. It can refer to any commercial message sent to a group of individuals. In addition to promoting an offer, emails are also used by marketers to welcome new customers, inform people with the latest product updates, gather feedback, and engage customers.

With the influx of many other forms of internet marketing, you might wonder – does email marketing still exist? Maybe you’ve heard some news that email marketing is dying. Perhaps someone told you it’s already dead.

Well, here’s what statistics say: NOT A CHANCE.

With a potential return of 4,400%, email marketing is still the number channel for customer acquisition and retention.

There are currently 2.9 billion email users in the world. About 105 billion emails are sent each day and the number is expected to reach 246 billion by 2020. More than half of internet users check their emails before their social media accounts.

Far from being dead, email marketing is the most effective digital marketing technique.

Email marketing has great benefits to businesses, regardless of their industry. When utilized correctly, it can help your business

  • Establish strong customer relationships.
  • Develop your unique brand.
  • Establish authority and expertise with content.
  • Boost customer engagement.
  • Capture new clients.
  • Interact with customers.
  • Increase your sales.

The “Nuts” of Email Marketing

To create an effective email marketing, you should know about the important elements that make up a great campaign.

A powerful email subject line.

People receive lots of emails every single day. But none have all the time to read each email or even bother to open it. Start by crafting a powerful subject line. Aside from making it concise and straightforward, you might consider adding emojis to increase your open rate, according to research.


This goes beyond using your subscriber’s first name on your email. Personalization in email marketing refers to ensuring that people receive contents that interest them. This can be done through email segmentation or categorizing subscribers based on varying factors, such as the demographics and shopping behavior.

A strong call to action.

Effective email campaigns contain a strong call-to-action (CTA). Whether it’s browsing through your latest products, sharing your newly published blog post, or taking advantage of your special offer, be clear on what you want your customers to do.

The “Bolts” of Email Marketing

List Building

One of the hallmarks of email marketing is creating a valuable email list. It isn’t always the quantity that matters, but the quality. How do you ensure the integrity of your subscriber list? First of all, you want to validate the email addresses you collect. Making use of email validation service before starting your campaign is crucial because it secures your sender reputation score.

Email Deliverability

Before thinking about how to engage your target audience through your email campaigns, you first should think about how to ensure that your email reaches them. Email deliverability is affected by several factors. One is your sender reputation. This is a method that email service providers use to measure the trustworthiness of a sender’s email. Think of it as your credit rating. A poor score suggests that you are not a reliable sender and therefore, your emails are not worth reaching people’s inboxes. Keeping a high sender score increases your campaign’s open rate and clickthrough’s.


Why would people subscribe to your email list? Why would they want to read your messages? There could only be one answer – the find value in your email marketing contents. But how do you ensure that your subscribers get the information they want? Consider asking them their preferences during their initial sign-up.  Create a customer-focused email by asking your subscribers what types of email they want, how often they want to receive emails from you, and what things or topics interest them the most. Such an approach will make your customers feel that their likes, dislikes, and opinions matter.

Email marketing is a powerful tool to promote your brand, keep your customers engaged, and generate leads. However, you should know the nuts and bolts of email marketing to make sure that all your efforts will pay off. Remember, the best emails have catchy, straightforward subjects in a friendly tone, contain information that appeals to them, and have a strong call-to-action. Before launching your very first email campaign, pay attention to the integrity of your list, the deliverability of your emails, and your sender reputation.

It sure takes a lot of effort to pull off an awesome email campaign that drives amazing results. But it’s all worth it.

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