How influencers are partnering with brands through the innovative new platform MySway

Influencers and social media content creators have quickly become one of the most popular and effective channels through which brands are promoting their products to an audience. Both influencers and businesses are constantly attempting to seek each other out in order to form these relationships. For a business, they are looking to work with someone who can bring awareness to their product.

For an influencer, they are looking to endorse products that they feel their audience will benefit from. The perfect influencer-brand relationship can often be hard to find, however. Fortunately, platforms such as MySway have been developed to simplify this process and connect influencers and brands in a much more efficient way.

President of MySway, Kam Salami, and his team have worked tirelessly to develop the platform into one that is easy to use and one that can create meaningful connections between influencers and brands. Integrating influencers into a marketing strategy has become a popular approach for companies due to their reach and also the authentic feeling of their endorsements. When people idolize someone or look up to the way in which they live their life, they are likely to take their advice on which products to use and invest in. It’s no secret that the power of social media only continues to grow and that it is becoming one of the key ways in which people are exposed to brands. Kam Salami and the team at MySway are well aware of this and continue to provide solutions that allow businesses and social media influencers to collaborate.

new platform MySway

MySway has a particular focus on micro-influencers, people who have a significant following but are not yet at the same level as celebrities. The focus on micro-influencers is due to their high-rates of engagement and the community feel that they have to their following. As they are not yet massive celebrities, there is a more personal and relatable element to their character. This allows them to be a source of engaging conversation for their followers and means that they have real power to shift the perception of brands in either a positive or negative direction. The recommendations of an influencer are powerful and ones that the team at MySway know are worth utilizing in your business’ marketing strategy.

The platform is both mobile and web-based and is built off a five level system that measures influencers’ performances and reach and determines which brands will be most suitable for them to work with. The silver level is 0-10,000 followers, the gold level is 10,000-30,000 followers, the platinum level is 30,000-75,000 followers, the diamond level is 75,000- 100,000 followers and the macro level is 100,000+ followers. This scale allows influencers to be ranked and for companies to select the ones that they would like to work with.

Kam Salami MySway

Social media influencers are undoubtedly changing their followers’ lives with their product endorsements and recommendations. Thanks to Kam Salami and the team at MySway, brands now have a platform through which they can connect with these individuals and utilize this powerful influence to promote their brand and generate more sales.

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