5 Tips For Digital Marketing In 2021

Tips For Digital Marketing In 2021

Working in the digital marketing field, we’ve come up with five simple tips for Digital Marketing in 2021 that will bring you more traffic this year.

There are many ways to get more traffic online. For this article, though, we’ve focused on some of the less discussed areas of digital marketing and how they can cause a positive impact for you with minimal effort.

Speed and performance matter considerably when it comes to your ability to rank. However, many websites seem to overlook this area of great concern.

How To Fix Speed & Performance Issues (Or Avoid Them Altogether)

Typically we like to start with a website builder that will avoid speed and performance issues. There are several ways to do this. Our most preferred method is to build a new website on WordPress with a theme called Generate Press in combination with Generate Blocks. This coupled with template kits means you can put together a serious website like the redesign we did on our Digital Marketing Guide website yesterday, in one day (It was less than 6 hours to completely revamp the site).

Here is a screenshot of what a build like this looks like after being set up.

Tips For Digital Marketing In 2021


You’ll notice some high scores all around. However, the ones we care most about are what Google uses to score your website.

Research shows that with more than a three-second load time for your website, more than 50% of people will leave without letting the site load (known as a bounce rate). However, we’ve found that the person’s actual internet speed can impact this on their end. Our website design team is typically unhappy until a website is right at a one-second load time or even a bit lower.

Some resources we utilize to check speed and performance include:

  • Google Page Speed Insights
  • Pingdom
  • GTMetrix

There are plenty of other good tools to use, but between these three, we’ve found they are very detailed in the performance issues highlighted to repair.

Other areas related to how Google will grade your website on speed and performance are TTFB (Time to First Byte), Cumulative Layout Shift, Largest Contentful Paint, and your number of Dom Elements.

When building websites, many people enjoy using page builders. We used to love using Elementor, for example, as it is a much more robust design-builder over Gutenberg. However, it would create thousands of uncontrollable DOM elements and has some major security flaws recently, which ruined our overall ability to perform well when we were building in Elementor, so we abandoned it.

Geotagging Image Meta Data

While this is not a new tactic, however, it is very underused in today’s digital marketing. Working with thousands of local search engine optimization accounts over the years taught us how much impact this can have.

For example, take a local locksmith like Silverstate Locksmith in Las Vegas. We have geotagged hundreds of images for them over the years. As a result, not only do they rank for every keyword they ever wanted in search, but they also show up all over the image search option when selected after doing an initial search for a locksmith keyword in Las Vegas.

While we often provide done-for-you services, as we did for Silver State Locksmith, we also do a lot of work in the informational product sector making Digital Marketing Guides for small businesses to use in their day-to-day search marketing.

Adding a keyword, latitude and longitude, their business address, website URL, and a few other data points is an easy way to increase the value of media content about a business. Since these photos are more “valuable” to Google search, this translates into more authority with the search engine we’re marketing a client’s services.

<Strong> Not <Bold>

This one feels like something people may have just forgotten about over time. When selecting bold to highlight text, this is just a font characteristic and ignored by search engines. However, if what you are putting into bold type is related to keywords you’d like to rank for, select the strong option. You can also code it into any Html option your website has.

Strong as a text option states that your website content is more relevant for the strong bracketed keywords you’ve now highlighted.

We’re not saying this is a magic bullet by any means, but a sound and ethical practice to add to your daily search engine optimization efforts.

AMP Pages & How To Use Them

AMP Pages & How To Use Them

Google stated a while back that any page with AMP properly installed would pretty much outrank any article that did not have it. What keeps many people we discuss it with from using it is the issues with it breaking their website.

One crucial factor is not using accelerated mobile pages for your website pages but your blog posts. The non-essential CSS removed for a better mobile experience is much less on a blog post than, say, your home page.

We’ve noticed an increase ranging from three to over four hundred percent when implementing AMP correctly on a blog or website that was already getting traffic. This tactic is compelling and worth researching to use for your website, even if you have a small readership. After all, almost everyone in today’s society is on their cell phone all hours of the day.

Segmented & Niche Marketing

Segmented & Niche Marketing

One of the first examples of segmented advantages we saw was separating bounce house rentals from jumper rentals for a local bounce house company’s ads. Overnight (almost), we could see that they paid much less for phrases around the term “jumper” than they did around the word “bounce house”. Over time we found out this was simply because the phrase was often overlooking in competitor ads, but when we first discovered it, we brought the client almost twice the clicks in that month for the same budget as the prior month.

Nowadays, one of the best spins we put onto it for our digital marketing verticals is at bestlocksmithseo.com. Within months of buying the domain, the website now ranks firmly for the keyword phrases we wanted. On our main website, we do rank strongly for more short-tail terms. Our primary agency’s website took many years to achieve and cost a whole lot more than the campaign we did, segmented to reach only locksmiths looking for digital marketing.

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