The Marketing Folks | Your Needs, Our Expertise

The Marketing Folks have a simple yet effective ideology – We Love Marketing.

Our robust team is comprised of 5 experts are supremely dedicated with skills that are crafted from years of diversified experience in the field. We have the sole goal of giving you the best advice and the personalised boost you require for your business.

Our services entail modern marketing principles to procure practical results. We are not simply a Consultancy Firm, an SEO Company, or a Marketing Agency – we are an amalgam of all and much, much more.

Our Marketing specialists are able to advise and implement an array of tactical campaigns to ensure you’re being seen by the ones who matter. Each campaign is tailored to your individual needs and is approached through advanced marketing theory and practice. This allows us to advise and update our approach whenever necessary to achieve the optimal result for you and your bottom line.

Through years of consulting and experience, we have developed a foundational approach to our consultancy services. We employ lateral thinkers who advise on matters pertaining to all facets of marketing with a solutions-based rhetoric. Management tactics, Business models, Research & Development, Marketing for Fund Raising Campaigns and Promotional Tactics, our team have the capability and skill to give your company its much-needed edge.

Our targeted marketing finesse ensures that no intention is misconstrued. Our all-encompassed approach includes the development and concoction of tactical marketing operations that will leave a lasting impact on your audience. We pride ourselves in giving the advice we would give to ourselves; we want to see your marketing thrive through each step taken.

We offer a diverse range of services threaded through years in the industry. We are forever adapting to new technologies and trends, we ensure to stay on the forefront of innovation so that we are able to advise you sincerely.

We believe in the inherent power that resides in top quality marketing that is borne of passion, experience and knowledge. We will always strive to go above and beyond for our clients.

The Marketing Folks – Your Needs, Our Expertise.