IoT, Technology or Opportunity

IoT, Technology or Opportunity?

IoT, or Internet of Things, is the culmination of multiple technologies that started back in the 1970’s. There were many companies that contributed in IoT technology, from companies in computer technologies, Internet,... Read more »
The Importance of Maintaining Positive Customer Interaction

The Importance of Maintaining Positive Customer Interaction

The easiest way to achieve success in business is to establish a positive relationship with your existing and potential customers. Effective communication is key to ensuring your product or service satisfies your... Read more »
Imran Tariq - Aimee Tariq

How Imran Tariq & Aimee were verified on social media with less than 1000 followers and use that to connect to audiences

Over the past few years, social media has quickly become a valuable platform for developing credibility. Whether it’s a small business owner working for themselves or a team leading a worldwide company,... Read more »
Georgia Austin

Words Are A Brand’s Superpower – Georgia Austin

When it comes to engaging customers and creating buy-in to brand identity, Georgia Austin argues that words are a brand’s superpower. A few meticulously curated words can shape a company image, carry... Read more »

MERCOBank Mid Year Gift Bonus and Cashback

MERCOBank is giving its customers a Mid Year Gift Bonus with up to $10000 in prices to be won, when they refer friends and colleagues to open a new account between june... Read more »
Sabine Shahda

Entrepreneur Sabine Shahda Launches New Business Stems n Pots

Dubai has recently gained an exciting new business in Stems n Pots. Founded by social media influencer and entrepreneur Sabine Shahda, Stems n Pots offers gorgeous arrangements of flowers that are sure... Read more »
Guruji Shrii Arnav-Mentor Gemstoneuniverse

The Modern Seer-Guruji Shrii Arnav has some sane Spiritual advice to cope with the immediate future

Acclaimed Spiritual Guru, the much admired and loved Mentor of Gemstoneuniverse recently made a social media post about certain planetary positions and the challenges they will bring in the immediate future in... Read more »