Guac Digital Partner with SaaS Company Equally AI to Create Revolutionary AI Technology for Optimizing Your Website

Accessibility is one of the key considerations that all companies must take into account when creating a website. Websites that are difficult to use are not only frustrating for customers, but will negatively affect the ranking of your website on google. Accessibility and site speed are essential parts of your SEO and are something that cannot be overlooked when attempting to promote your company online.

Videos and images on your website are two other factors that must be considered when looking to optimize your SEO strategies. Unfortunately, most companies use alt text wrong on their images and do not optimize their videos to be accessible to bots. Both of these problems lead to Google missing your website and not giving it the ranking that it deserves.

Guac Digital are a renowned digital marketing company who are known for their ability to innovate and create solutions for companies struggling with their website and their SEO. Their latest ground breaking offer stems from a new partnership with SaaS company Equally AI. The technology is incredibly easy to integrate and is a must for any website looking to optimize their content for both customer satisfaction purposes and SEO purposes.

It is suitable for all platforms and CMSs and has proven highly successful for boosting the rankings of any website as well as boosting the site speed.

Once installed, the technology works by analyzing your website and identifying certain elements that may not be functioning to their full capability. It then fixes these elements so that they are more accessible and are compliant with what Google looks for in high ranking websites. Within 48 hours, your website will be optimized to increase your chances of success. It will also continuously monitor and make changes where necessary.

Some of the optimizations that Guac Digital and Equally AI’s technology might make include making your website work faster, attaching SEO friendly alt text to images, improving the speed of videos, making images, videos, and content more accessible in general, and ensuring that your website is as compliant as possible with the requirements needed for it to be found by search engines. The most comprehensive cyber security measures are used during this process to guarantee your website’s safety and ongoing success.

This revolutionary AI technology is an essential integration for websites, no matter what your company does. It will allow you to provide a seamless and fast user experience while also appealing to search engines and becoming discoverable on Google.


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