Tips for expanding business on Amazon

Entrepreneurs, small business owners – behold! Amazon is the best online shopping platform for you to connect your right audience to your product. There are more than 150 million users alone based on statistics recorded in 2019, with an audience that is continuing to grow and grow. But with the more shops being added to the list of abundant options on Amazon, how can you make sure your business is being seen? To ensure you stand out from the crowd, here are a few tips to make sure business is going on fire on your Amazon shop.

Sell across Amazon’s International Markets

Getting access to customers from all over the world can increase the chances of you to have a bigger audience for your brand. You can do this by simply signing up to the 10 marketplaces in Amazon and/or try Amazon Global to sell your products overseas.

Butter Up Your Marketing

Make sure to finesse the online marketing of the business through using your social media platforms as well as your business website. To ensure that your business can be discovered on Google right from the very first page, try to have a structured website, good quality blog posts, landing pages with good search engine optimization. You can use emailing, social media posting and paid advertising as avenues to increase brand awareness.

Always learn from negative reviews as opportunities for improvement

When a negative review pops up even if it is minor in comparison to all the positive reviews you are given, it is still important to factor in what the customer has concerns with your product about. In this way, you overcome from the negative review to further improve your business.

Use a Capital Advance Loan

Amazon can help small businesses grow on a massive scale by providing the funds to help the company achieve success through a Capital Advance Loan. Working capital can help with the cash flow of your business which overtime can lead to a financial gain. You can utilize the loan through stocking up on inventory, increasing exposure through marketing and gaining more useful employees. With this loan, you can beat the competition as you have the finances to bridge the gaps your competitors may have.

Select the right category and sub-category

To ensure your customers are searching for what you are selling intentionally, make sure your products are listed in the right category and sub-category. This is to make sure you get customers that genuinely are interested in your business.

Look into having your products professionally photographed 

By having photos that are good quality this will increase trust with the brand and to make sure that customers know what they are getting to buy this product. Photos that are poorly shot and/or taken from another online source can make the customer feel unease unable to believe the product is legitimate.

Adjust the pricing to suit customers

For your business to go well on Amazon, it is important for the shop to majorly sell products that will most likely gain profit. It is best to rub shoulders with suppliers in order to get the lowest price possible for materials for your product. Finding a price to potentially get you the Buy Box will allow you to reach a large abundance and the right customers.


What makes a business stand out is your ability to use all the tools Amazon can provide from making the most of reviews to presenting the brand in a way that will connect you to the right audience. With marketing and ways of using the online platform, this will determine how you become more enticing from all the other listings on the website. By selling your brand the way you intend and by acting on the feedback from your customers, this will further improve your business. With these tips, you will do Amazon-g things!

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