Luke Falkner & Renee Le Cussan of Statt Consulting On The Vital Importance Of Understanding Target Communities

The work that Statt Consulting conducts, under the leadership of Renee Le Cussan and Luke Falkner, is not often seen as vitally as it should be. The degree of precision and experience that is required to establish trusting, meaningful communication channels is difficult to come by, and often overlooked by organizations that are trying to establish contact in these areas.

Geopolitical and cultural contexts are factors that are both everchanging and all-important in building relationships and ties to a community you intend to help, it’s where the expertise and experience of Statt Consulting becomes relevant and vital.

The Necessary Experience

To have the ability and necessary instinctual understanding of such a wide berth of cultures and communities, a firm like Statt Consulting needs the experience brought forward by Renee Le Cussan and Luke Falkner. Both stem from fields of humanitarianism and cross-cultural communications, both bring a unique perspective and approach to the firm and have enhanced its ability to develop strong relationships and channels for organizations and the communities they’re intent on helping.

The firm was founded in 2010 with the expressed notion of solving the most difficult problems in the most difficult situations, being a filter and intermediary of sorts which has allowed an array of positive campaigns to be established in regions across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Both having backgrounds in Migration and Communications assisted greatly in asserting their role in the grand scheme of things, and has allowed government agencies, NGOs like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to establish meaningful contact and improve relations.

Miscommunication Avoidance

One of the key takeaways that both Luke Falkner and Renee Le Cussan have elicited in their 11 years working with Statt Consulting, is the important consideration and necessity for understanding individual situations and circumstances. Without this fundamental understanding of cultural context and approach, the intended work in communities that are prone to mistrusting outside organizations is hindered greatly.

Collaboration and two-way understanding is essential if any significant work is to be conducted in these communities – without the impactful work of firms like Statt Consulting, there would be a lot less positive work being done in the world around us.

You can follow up with Renee Le Cussan and Luke Falkner at and LinkedIn here.

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