How Personal Trainers Like Jonathon Nicol Utilise Modernised Fitness

According to personal trainer and founder of Prehab + Performance Jonathon Nicol, the biggest mistake that most people make in their fitness ideologies is the ‘all or nothing’ approach. While giving it your best effort is always a net-positive, he believes that building better habits and incrementally improving lifestyle has the longevity that most people crave.

He backed this up in a recent interview when he espoused: “Anybody you meet who is in phenomenal physical shape has established great eating, training routines, habits and discipline over countless years.” It is this dedication to the craft of betterment, and through consistency across all facets of physical and mental health that Prehab + Performance has managed to establish itself as one of the leading personal training establishments.

Remote Coaching

While the lockdowns and pandemic accelerated it, remote coaching and fitness regimens have been the topic of conversation for quit some time. As 9-5 jobs become less prominent and remote working becomes more of a normalised concept – scheduling and maintaining routines have become a lot harder with physical gyms.

Jonathon Nicol has approached this changing landscape with gusto with his combination programs that allow in-person training for those who are willing to commute. Prehab + Performance also offers remote coaching programs that can be utilised by anyone anywhere – allowing more people around the world to kickstart their fitness journey in the right way.

Diet | Exercise | Inspiration

As we mentioned earlier, the holistic and comprehensive approach to fitness is what Jonathon Nichol is all about. With over 15 years of experience in the field of coaching, he is no stranger to encouraging balance and throughput in his regimens.

In conjunction with comprehensive fitness coaching and workout plans, Prehab + Performance also has extensive meal plan prepping resources and access to guides that give clients a leg up on their fitness journey.

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