How to leverage Quora marketing for your business

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can all be powerful way to engage with audiences in the spaces they habitually visit and absorb information. While you have no doubt already leveraged some of these social platforms already, have you thought about the benefits of using Quora marketing to your advantage?

Quora jumped onto the scene a fair while ago and has since developed into a site that is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a new platform to add to your marketing portfolio.

Let’s examine a few of the ways that you can implement an effective Quora marketing strategy for your brand.

Why do I need a Quora marketing strategy?

While a site like Quora that primarily serves as a forum for user submitted questions and answers might not seem like an obvious place to market your business, it’s actually highly effective as a tool for creating organic word-of-mouth about your brand. When you have people organically talking about your products and services, it adds to the credibility of your brand and also helps you get some more insight into your target customers. By using guide to Quora marketing you can get the benefits of:

Wide reach and visibility: The website attracts over 300 million unique visitors a month and is discoverable in Google search. The content on Quora is evergreen, meaning that when a certain question your products are related to begins to trend you will notice more traffic coming to your website.

Good faith connections: Quora is about providing genuine answers to real questions and therefore providing valuable answers as a business will increase your clout with your target audience. People will be more willing to spend money with you when they know that you are giving out valuable answers to their questions.

Better traffic to your website: When you have demonstrated that your product or service is a genuine solution to a user’s query, those users will need less convincing when they visit your site to engage with your calls to action (CTA’s).

How to implement an effective Quora marketing strategy

There are several different ways you can implement a Quora marketing strategy:

Paid Ads – When you register with Quora you can log-in and use the Ads Manager, which is found beneath the option to Create Ad. On the Manage Ads page, you can take a look at you spending which is separated in to 4 sections; 1. Clicks, 2. Conversions, 3. Impressions and 4. Spend. Quora has a conversion targeting option that allows you to track the total impact that your marketing efforts on Quora are having back on your main website.

Answering User Queries – As opposed to paid ads, this will involve seeking out relevant user-summitted questions and answering them in a sincere and authoritative way that helps drive traffic to your website. Answering as many questions as possible won’t add value to your business and can make you look spammy and desperate – it’s better to target the best questions that lots of other people will go to. Remember; Quora is a place for answers on questions that lots of people commonly ask, so it’s better to focus on questions that lots of people in your target audience relate with.

Some tips for answering questions on Quora as a business:

  • Only go with topics that actually fit your business and don’t dishonestly attempt to present your products or services as an answer to something when there is a better alternative – this will make you look bad.
  • Go for questions that have a lot of ratings as they will get the most eyeballs. Providing a good answer here could mean your business gets thousands of high-quality leads every day from customers seeking an answer to a popular question.
  • Don’t ignore the newer questions just because they don’t have a lot of views yet – if you have a good answer then get in there early and reap the rewards when the questions picks up traction.
  • Put sincere effort into providing a robust answer to the query – two sentences with no links or supporting data won’t be good enough in most cases. Make sure you provide an authoritative and insightful response that links to posts on your blog and statistical data that lends you credibility.

If you are able to effectively use Quora marketing by answering user queries in an authoritative way, you will get to enjoy boost in your authority as a business that is hard to earn but difficult for a competitor to chip away at.


Raphael Garcia is just getting his start a reporter. He attended a technical school while still in high school where he learned a variety of skills, from photography to car mechanics. Raphael also helps keep The Marketing Folks social media feeds up-to-date.