Why SEO is Important For Every Business?

seo importance

Studies have demonstrated that search engine optimization has a better return on investment in terms of business profit than other types of marketing and advertising.

SEO is good for business, in terms of increasing brand recognition and sharing content with audiences. When audiences have spent significant amounts of time on your website, understanding about what the solutions are that they care about, Google pushes your ranks much higher than other sites.

In order to promote your business, and to ensure that your business maintains consistent growth and sales turnovers, it is imperative that you maintain a steady flow of potential customers to your website. This is enabled through the process of SEO.

SEO is Important for Business Because It Builds Credibility

When you are wanting to build brand trust, utilising SEO to have several of your pages ranked by Google will ensure that customers value your opinion and authority on a matter.

When people have brands exposed to them over a repeated number of times, it builds a good impression. There has been some research by companies like Microsoft to determine the average number of advertisement exposures a person has to have in order to buy a product.

This is regarded as effective frequency, and is anywhere from 7 to 20 times a person has to see an ad before moving to the point of purchasing a product. SEO helps put your brand in the foremost place within a consumer’s mind as the answer to their problems.

When a person is searching for answers on the Internet, and you have as many channels as possible open to them, convincing them of the efficacy of your product or service, your conversion rates will go up.

SEO Significantly Increases Potential Customers

potential customers
SEO helps to build your business credibility. 

If you had a retail storefront for your business in a low-profile suburb, in an outer suburban area with three cars going past per every 48 hours, and for every 100 of those cars going passed, only three were going to purchase, what is the likelihood of you wanting to stay in business?

Similarly a lot of people have the mindset that they can simply purchase a business kit of some type of business, and then have a website automatically made up, and have an income stream.

Generally the lower the entry factor, the more competition is in the business, so you will find yourself at a great loss, and feeling unmotivated to succeed, unless you were the one who came up with the business system.  

A lot of network marketing works on ignorance, ensuring that the multitudes of people only have one or two customers due to a saturated market, and focus on having a lifestyle business, rather than giving details about yearly net profits.

SEO has been compared to investing in real estate – that when you get it right, the return on investment is significant. Similarly, your website, when it is optimized, is working as an automated sales-making device, ensuring that you are earning money 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

SEO is an Important Component in Marketing Strategies

A website is the “backbone” of a marketing campaign; from which all other strategies integrate and pull sales conversions.

SEO optimizes the structure of the website, both on page and off page strategies, and these support other types of marketing, such as social media, pay per click, display network ads (programmatic advertising), broadcast media and print ads.

seo marketing strategy
SEO links in well with other marketing strategies. 

SEO is the largest method and most critical method of ensuring that the website has a quality user experience, and a well designed website will rank well on search engine results pages, casting as wide of a net as possible to gain traffic and pull sales conversions.

SEO Has a Great Influence on the Research and Buying Cycle

Search engine optimisation done well can make a huge difference to influencing the buying cycle of a consumer. When a consumer is able to thoroughly research what it is that they want, they can collate that information, and compare solutions.

Information and content that is presented in such as way to give valuable answers to issues in their life, such as making their lives more convenient, solving time, eradicating problems and other types of issues.

A consumer is prepared to re-enter the market according to Forbes, if the first solution to their problem has been an insufficient or unsatisfactory purchase.

Consumers will pay more and switch brands to get better quality and results if the cheap and insufficient first purchase did not satisfy their needs. The cheaper first solution is often their way of entering into giving that particular solution a trial, to see if they would invest further should they be offered better quality or service.

SEO is Important Because Without it Your Website is Invisible to Search Engines

You can have your website designed and coded beautifully, but the way that search engine crawlers work, as opposed to how humans interact with a website is vastly different; meaning that if you have no SEO on your website, it will not be indexed by search engine crawlers.

SEO is therefore critical to have on your website if you want your site to be visible on search engine results pages.

SEO is here to remain a critical component of a business website, because without it companies simply do not rate in search engine results pages.

need seo
You don’t want to be invisible to search engines!

Those who are armed with the knowledge and ability to create measurable results and drive traffic to their websites are the ones who will succeed and ensure that they have sustainable business growth.

There is also little point in creating a large amount of content, and not having it seen or optimized as there will be no traffic pushed to that website. A better return on investment for having had created a website is to integrate a marketing plan that has SEO as a hub.

SEO Brings Customers to Your Website

If you have set up an e-commerce website or a business or service website, and you have a range of products and services that customers will want to buy; if you do your SEO correctly, you will be able to bring those products to your customers better.

SEO is the method by which customers find what they are looking for; you may not think you need SEO, but your customers do.

Long tail keywords, and latent semantic indexing is more likely to capture traffic and customers near the point of sale than other methods of marketing. The process of SEO is to:

  • Learn which keywords and long tail keywords are pertinent to your product or service
  • Create content that is relevant and meaningful, and that will inform your customer about the product and how it helps to address their problem
  • Streamline your website so that search engine crawlers can make sense of it and then return the results of your website to the right customers 

To get SEO right for your customers, you have to do things like design the right meta descriptions and title tags; descriptions, tags and titles have to have as much consideration on your website as does the security, the content, coding and digital assets.

Ranking Algorithms for SEO are Complex

complex seo ranking
It is essential you keep up to date with the latest changes in search engine algorithms. 

There are about 200 or more different criteria for what goes into a website ranking evaluation for search engine results pages. Due to search engine algorithms changing constantly, it is important to be up to date with what strategies to use to stay abreast of changes and maintain ranking.

SEO Helps Maintain an Ongoing Relationship With Your Customers

You should consider your website a business asset. Customers view your website as an entire reflection of your brand, and businesses that have an up to date website with relevant content and product information will be highly regarded.

If you have gone to the effort of setting up a business, but have no website or information about your product, then your likelihood of having new customers come to you is significantly reduced.

When sites are regularly updated, search engine crawlers take note of this, and it creates a strategy where a business can maintain a ranking in their website.

Pending how well you have created your SEO, you will have engaged your audience long enough to prevent bouncing (therefore reducing your risk of being sidelined in Google); and built a rapport with your audience.

Content, an integral part of SEO is shareable, so if you have done things like integrate social sharing buttons on your website, it means that the number of links to your site increases organically, thereby pushing your rate of traffic up.

SEO algorithms now rate websites that have keyword stuffing as spam, and so content producers have been forced into creating situations where their material related to their product is far more useful and enjoyable for the reader.

User experience design and considerations now go into websites far more than previously, and these type of websites gain a solid reputation.


Any business owner needs to take into account the importance of one of their most important assets, their website. It is as important as a retail showroom and maintaining product integrity, because it showcases a business and is a virtual representation of a business.

Search engine optimization is an integral part of marketing, and search marketing is still growing steadily. Organic traffic is complementary to pay-per-click, social media, programmatic display and other print and broadcast media.

Often with the increase in the use of the Internet, particularly mobile web searches, responsive sites, the mobile first index, and growing social media community, SEO thrives alongside all of these methods, bringing the rate of exposure of a customer during the buying cycle up to the point where the customer is then ready to purchase.

Many studies have referenced the importance of SEO, and it can be readily demonstrated that when SEO is done well, it significantly increases the number of sales conversions (not necessarily amount of traffic) and qualified leads that visit a website.

SEO is critical to running a business well, and should be accounted for in a business plan in order to help grow a successful, sustainable business.

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