How Artists Like King P Have Adapted To The End Of The Album Era

Like it or not, the streaming revolution has paved over many of the traditional methods of releasing music. Gone are the traditional methods, as the internet reigns supreme for channels of any sort of media in the modern age. One of the major hits for media in the internet age has been in the music industry.

While the early years of the 21st century brought with it pirating issues like Napster and Limewire. Soon there was the slowing decay of physical media and the concept of even owning music and film with the unstoppable juggernauts of Spotify and Netflix.

It’s a strange terrain for modern artists to be embarking upon and there seems to be no sign of it slowing down. Artists like King P have adapted to this new style of approach and have dealt with the inevitable death of the modern album in lieu of less traditional models of releasing music and garnering listens to their art. The Jamaican-rooted hip hop musician has tasted multiple avenues of the musical releasing model and is now making his mark in less conventional ways.

The Album Loss

It was a sensation that King P knew all too well a few decades ago, the release of an album at the local record shop was once an event all to itself. While this method is still utilised by larger and more worldwide symbols of different genres, the humble independent record has since lost all hope of breaking into the often expensive physical media sphere.

Singular Streaming

In lieu of the traditional album release method that has been utilised for several years, King P has adopted to the single-by-single release tactic. As attention spans shrink and the collective memory of listeners starts to diminish, the notion of staying fresher for longer has manifested itself in the singular release of music before collating them into an album at a later date.

King P has used this tactic for a few of his larger hits including “Put It On Repeat”, “Revolution Televised” and for his latest track “Slip N Slide”. The success rate showcases that he’s certainly on the right track with adapting to this new landscape of online streaming services and the successful release of new projects.

Social Media Avenues

King P has also begun laying the foundations for musical releases through alternative means. Garnering audiences in unorthodox ways. Not the least of which being the popular social media application TikTok which has the potential of reaching millions of new viewers. The radio waves are slowly being bricked and replaced by the digital ones and King P is on a trajectory to ensure his unique sound is on the front lines.

We hope Slip N Slide will be permeating the airwaves soon enough.

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