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The Danish brewer Carlsberg uses sensors and artificial intelligence from Microsoft to analyze the flavors and predict the taste of a beer.

The beer of tomorrow may be developed by artificial intelligence. In any case, that is the goal pursued by Carlsberg. The famous Danish brand hoppy brew has initiated a program called “The Beer Fingerprinting Project” which measure and detect flavors and aromas in beer.

The goal is to train an AI to be able to predict flavors from yeast samples and other ingredients. For this, Carlsberg has partnered with Denmark’s Technical University to develop sensors , and platform cloud computing from Microsoft for data analysis by machine learning algorithms.

The Carlsberg AI already knows how to distinguish a pilsner from a lager

“We create hundreds of small microliter beers in such small volumes that we can not test them,” says Jochen Förster, Carlsberg’s director of yeast and fermentation. “We realized that if we had sensors that would tell us whether yeast will actually be useful later in large-scale beer production, and that could recognize chemical and aromatic compounds to predict the taste of a beer, would greatly help our research.”

The Carlsberg program started just six months ago for a period of three years. But according to the company, the device is already able to distinguish different types of beer pils or lager. Currently, researchers are working to develop the software part to make it easier to use by technicians who will have to use it on a daily basis for production.

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