Concerned about your data security? Here’s how UTMStack can help

how UTMStack can help

Protecting your personal and corporate data is critical to the long-term success and protection of your company. It’s often been said that only large companies get hacked; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. More and more medium-sized enterprises, and even small companies, are being invaded and breached, primarily because they lack the infrastructure and technical apparatus to repel sophisticated and coordinated data breaches. The increasing proliferation of cloud-hosting and decentralised networks has meant hacking has become a whole lot easier over the last decade.

Who are UTMStack?

Ricardo Valdes
Ricardo Valdes is the founder and CEO of UTMStack

In the mid-2000s, UTMStack was founded by Rick Valdes. Also known as Unified Technology Management, UTMStack’s approach hasn’t changed over the last decade. They continue to provide their all-in-one cybersecurity platform at a competitive rate, which can be delivered as a virtual appliance, physical appliance or as a SaaS.

Their modules

UTMStack provides their clients with a range of reliable modules, each of which are designed for a different threat. These modules are as follows:

Log Management (SIEM)

SIEM stands for security information and event management. What does this mean? Well, it means that UTMStack will assist you with collecting, storing and correlating data to be used in compliance reports.

Dark Web Monitoring

Using the dark web comes with a plethora of risks, especially if you are using a network that is already vulnerable and compromised. UTMStack will continuously check your system and its users to ensure that no one has been compromised or has a connection to the dark web.

Incident Response

UTMStack’s platform also comes with an in-built system that enables incident response action. This means you (or UTMStack) can remotely access or manage your environment. In this way, you can respond to data breaches or potential threats through the dashboard.

Their deals

UTMStack provides their clients with a range of partnership deals, which vary as per the client’s needs, goals and required level of protection. Here are some of the partnership models below:


MSPs (Managed Service Providers) are eligible for the best discounts. If you use the UTMStack platform for your business, you can provide it to your clients under your brand name. By doing this, you’ll receive up to a 40% discount on the MSRP price.

White label partnership

A white label partnership enables the user to make UTMStack’s brand a core part of their brand. This will enhance the existing product and service, meaning all UTMStack products will also show your brand!

Sales partnership

If you’re looking for a way to promote UTMStack and help embolden data security protocols n your industry, then consider creating a sales partnership with them. All you need to do is start promoting UTMStack, which will make you eligible for a recurring 15% commission on passive income linked to contracts sustained by your services.

Why you should care about data security

So, why should you care about data security? If you operate a small business, the odds of you being breached are so little, right? Well, you’d be surprised to know that this isn’t the case anymore. In fact, smaller and smaller enterprises are being compromised, primarily because hackers are aware of their lack of security. The larger companies have the resources and the capabilities to combat most systemic data attacks; however, even then, they sometimes fail.

Consequently, everyone should care about data security. It affects everyone, in some way or another. If you want your private information, both personal and corporate, to be adequately protected from unlawful eyes, then UTMStack should be on your call list. Don’t hesitate and protect your data today.

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