Here’s Why Your Business Should Take Advantage Of Verified SMS

The text messaging pool is vast and used by virtually all individuals out there. And we’re not just talking about local folks sending SMS to their friends and loved ones; business brands are also tapping into this pool and for very good reasons.

To begin with, text messages get read immediately 98% of the time they’re sent, a huge factor that thumps other means of business communications, i.e., calls and emails. They’re highly engaging and make it more convenient for consumers to communicate with your brand.

But with trillions of SMS sent every year from various brands, having your phone number as the only means of sender identification can raise serious eyebrows about the authenticity of your brand messages. What do you do? Enter Verified SMS.

What Is Verified SMS?

Imagine a tool that adds that consumer-friendly feel to all your SMS by adding your brand name, thereby authenticating that the message was indeed sent by your brand. This is exactly what Verified SMS does.

With the high amount of phishing and spam risks, verifying the identity of the sender of any and all SMS is vital to both customers and brands. This ensures that the messages are well received and engaged.

Still wondering why verified SMS is such a big deal? Then a look at the benefits will give you a better insight into why your business needs to take advantage of this tool.

Why Verified SMS?

Brand Verification

The bread and butter of this virtual tool. The essence of verified SMS is the layer of legitimacy added to your brand’s text messages. Because this tool lets you add your brand name and logo as means of identification, launching SMS campaigns becomes seamless, and you can be easily identified amongst the various impostors out there.

Spam Detection and Filtration

What do you think happens when consumers can easily validate business SMS? It leads to easier detection of spam messages. You see, there is a spam filtration tool offered by verified SMS with the sole purpose of warning customers about potential spam.

Customers can now easily spot these spams out and immediately report them. They can also block the senders of these unsafe messages and protect their vital information.


According to Tychron – the leader for messaging tools, a huge benefit is the factor of trust built between customers and brands. With your brand name, logo, and link previews there to validate your SMS, customers can easily pick the wheat (your brand) from the chaff(spam)

This boosts the consumer’s trust and gives them the confidence they need to engage with your brand.

Improves Brand Awareness

Your brand gains a massive boost in awareness and reach when you incorporate verified SMS as consumers are appealed by the visuals that come with branding your SMS. This has been reported to raise the chances of purchase by as much as 30%

Better Engagement

With the combination of validation and visual appeal, the engagement rate of consumers is guaranteed to bump up. Verified SMS give your consumers the confidence they need to respond, and it’s more convenient than phone calls and emails.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, verified SMS is a no-brainer for brands like yours looking to tap into the pool of text messaging services. Adding this tool to your arsenal further strengthens your grip on the consumer market, helps you retain your customers, and ultimately leads to better communication.

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