Skyshelltrading partnership with Barclays Bank for the future of the anticipated Skyshellstock which would debut the stock market by 2024

Skyshelltrading, a leading trading and investment platform that provides thousands of spread betting and CFD instruments to trade across forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, shares, ETFs, and treasuries, and Barclay Bank U.K. have today launched a new partnership that aims to provide favorable conditions for launching the anticipated Skyshellstock that will hit the stock market by 2024.

The Skyshelltrading company has made a lot of moves to ensure that investors benefit in every way and shape, and with the company launching its IPO in 2024, it opens more window of opportunity for customers to buy and make a lot of money with what many has tagged the next big stock.

The partnership allows the two companies to combine expertise and resources to develop a new class of publicly traded assets called Skyshellstock. Together, Skyshelltrading and Barclay Bank will enable investors to access nature’s store of wealth and transform our industrial economy into one that is more equitable.

This new assets class (Skyshellstock) will help create a virtuous cycle of investment for our customers which would ensure they grow their portfolio.

Mr. Paul Roni, Executive Director of Skyshelltrading said: “This partnership is one of the most exciting moves we have made for in this year. It is a step to ensuring that we create wealth for our customers and I am happy because it shows how innovative the company and its staffs are. Through this partnership, Barclays Bank will leverage its expertise in Financial Services while we ensure that our experience and expertise in assets class investment is properly harnessed”

The stock market has become a booming business for so many companies like ours in recent years. Skyshelltrading wants to improve on what it is already known for, that is, stock and cryptocurrency trading through various platforms and across different devices. And now make the company publicly tradable. This would help drive more engagement and revenue per user. Companies like  Robinhood, which became a publicly-traded company this summer, have seen explosive growth with more than 22.5 million customers and doubled revenue in the most recent quarter from a year ago.

Skyshelltrading has held talks with Barclay Bank to discuss the further approaches and the idea to get the ball rolling by 2024. The Skyshellstock will come at a time when the stock market is very competitive. However, the company will look to take advantage of some overlapping stocks and products. Cryptocurrency and stock trading are seen as ways to keep consumers engaged on the Skyshelltrading platform.

Arancha González, Executive Director of ITC said: “I am pleased to that we launched this partnership with Skyshelltrading. It has also been the vision here at Barclays Bank to find innovative approaches that grow wealth for our customers and right now we have taken yet another step into the future.”

“Digital assets and the stock market have been around for a while and it is going to be around for years to come. The partnership will not only allow us to provide valuable investment assets for customers but also allow customers to do their trading with one of the world’s leading CFD and spread betting providers.” He continued.

About Skyshelltrading

Skyshelltrading is the world’s leading CFD and spread betting provider. The company has well over 30 years of experience with experts that ensure you trade and make a profit in confidence. Skyshelltrading has a state-of-the-art trading platform and technology with an extensive range of risk-management features to help you manage trading risk effectively, helping to secure potential profits and minimize losses.

About Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank is one of the leading financial institutions in the world. Barclays Bank has been a major player in the world’s financial landscape engaged in personal banking, Enterprise, credit cards, corporate, and bancassurance. Barclays Bank offers end-to-end financial solutions to corporate customers, retail, and enterprises.


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