The Modern Seer-Guruji Shrii Arnav has some sane Spiritual advice to cope with the immediate future

Guruji Shrii Arnav-Mentor Gemstoneuniverse

Acclaimed Spiritual Guru, the much admired and loved Mentor of Gemstoneuniverse recently made a social media post about certain planetary positions and the challenges they will bring in the immediate future in the period Jan 30, 2021 to Feb 20,2021.

Guruji cites that this period can be a transformation opportunity and gives sane practical advice of how to make the best use of this period.

The Guru much loved for his straight, practical and candid advice, succinctly put his thoughts and action plan in a post that has gone viral and is produced below.

Chaos Alert: 21 Days of Destruction or Transformation- Make a Choice.

Even though this is known as the Aquarian Age, the Chief Planet having profound impact on our day to day lives is Mercury the fast moving planet known as the messenger of God’s that has transformed our lives with fast communication. However, when Mercury Gets retrograde/ combust or hemmed between many planets- It can be a slippery slope.

4 planets in Capricorn and Mercury in Aquarius is a loose Canon.

One has to be very careful from 30 Jan 2021 to 20th Feb 2021 due to the planetary combinations. Some of the major issues one needs to watch out for are:

-Your irritation levels will be high and patience will be low. This can translate into finding faults with minor issues and then saying something hurtful that may damage the relationship/s.

Be mindful in this 21 day period. Respond then react and best maybe make delay your ally. If something irritates you, rather than let loose-mull it over for 72 hours and then take action if required.
-Misery- You may take a false inventory of your life and may feel worthless and un-loved. In situations like this always remember that there is a higher power with you, loves you and protects you.
-Communicate effectively and don’t assume. This period is marked by selective interpretation of communications. You may say something the other party assumes something or vice versa leading to bad results. Double check rather than suffer afterwards.
-Pay attention to the written word. Avoid signing any major deals/ contracts/ legal documents. Everything can wait for 21 days. Don’t be under pressure. If important take time, take professional help.
-Don’t lose your temper often with yourself or others.
-Do not manufacture accounts from memory. Note down every single thing.
-For 21 days live for yourself. Don’t try to improve others. Practice loving kindness and other spiritual techniques of self realization on yourself.
-Take care of health
-Don’t go gung ho on stock market rallies.

Respond- Not react- Delay is an ally in some cases!

-After waking up in the morning stay quiet from your tongue for 60 minutes. You should not utter a word for 60 mins. Contemplate for 1 hour quietly.
-Write two different things each day that you will accomplish during the day. Not required anything earth shattering here. Just a simple thing such as: I will not check my phone today after 10 pm.
-In 21 days you will have 42 accomplishments.

I will not be angry at myself or anyone else from 30th Jan to 20th Feb 2021

Do drop me a message regarding what happens in your life. I look forward to hearing from you.

Good luck- Enjoy your company

The canvas and the colors are all yours- Let’s see your painting and your story.

Do share this message. Lets hope we can transform a lot of folks along with ourselves with the hash tags
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Guruji Shrii Arnav- Jan 22,2021

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