Moz: Bummer! No data found for this domain

Moz: Bummer! No data found for this domain – seeing when checking Moz DA (Domain Authority)

When checking DA on Moz, I can see this error “Bummer! No data found for this domain” – here is why and how you can check your DA:

If you are seeing “Bummer! No Data” being reported within the Free Domain Analysis tool, this is due to 2 reasons:

  1. insufficient data being available for your site
  2. your website is pretty new

But don’t worry! You still can check your DA with Moz. There are a few ways to check your DA on Moz, see below.

5 Ways of Checking DA when seeing “Bummer! No Data” error:

1. Use Moz Link Explorer

Moz Bummer

First of all, create a free account on Moz here and visit

2. Try Moz Premium

The Moz Pro subscription you can try for free here This is a premium subscription costs $179 per month. However, the first 30 days is free (you won’t be charged anything) and you can cancel it at anytime. If you sign up today and cancel today, you can still use the pro account for 30 days without any worries.

3. Use Free Domain Authority Checker

Small Tools offers free check up to 10 domains at once. Simply go to

4. Use Moz Bar – Chrome Extension

This Moz Chrome Extension is free! You need to do 2 things:

  1. create a free account at
  2. download the extension at

You will see the DA in the right corner of your browser, like below:

Bummer No data found for this domain - seeing when checking Moz DA

5. Use Ubersuggest by Neil Patel


It is free! The thing about Ubersuggest is that this tool is using API from Moz. So, anything you see about your DA on Ubersuggest, it will come from Moz:-) Simply visit and enter your domain name at the top of the website.


Will the “Bummer! No Data” error disappear when searching for my website?

Yes! Just be patient and keep focusing on your SEO and high quality backlinks!

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