Saving Money and Having Fun Doing It with Couponing with Tyler

With the increasingly unpredictable nature of domestic markets around the world, consumer behaviour naturally switches to being more conservative with its spending. While it’s never a bad time to look for a good deal, sometimes trying to maximise your savings feels like more effort than its worth in terms of dollars and cents.

However, sites like are making the art of collecting and leveraging the power of coupons a fun and easy process for anyone to participate in. The site was created by Tyler, an 18-year-old coupon enthusiast and online deals discoverer who loves the thrill of finding an excellent bargain.

With the threat of COVID being ever-present, more people are gravitating to online deals such as those highlighted by Couponing with Tyler on their website. Below, we’ll list a few of Tyler’s top tips for saving money while shopping.

Tyler’s top tips for saving money while shopping

1. Take your time

One of the benefits inherent to online shopping is the fact that you don’t need to rush things due to rabid crowds or store closing times. There’s no pushy salesperson driving you to spend immediately so they can earn their commission, and there’s nobody else waiting for you to move down the aisle so they can look at an item.

Tyler recommends that you take your time in researching products and making sure that you are getting the best value for money. Even if you find a great deal or use a coupon, you aren’t really saving money if you get something that isn’t right for you.

2.  Don’t ignore traditional printed coupons

While most things have moved online nowadays, there are still plenty of physical coupons you can find and take advantage of in newspapers and magazines. These are generally referred to as ‘manufactured coupons’, but the savings they enable are just as authentic as what you find online.

One of the great things about these coupons is that they can often be used alongside store-exclusive coupons, allowing you to save the most amount of money possible.

3. Connect with a couponing community

The hardest part of using coupons is finding them in an efficient manner. Engaging with a dedicated couponing website like Couponing with Tyler gives you easy access to a range of online and in-store deals that you can take advantage of.

Getting this information from someone like Tyler, who is passionate about finding deals, gives you peace of mind that you are in good hands. This enables you to shop with confidence, knowing that you are getting the best possible saving on your purchase.

4. Give back to the community by sharing deals you find

Of course, joining the couponing community on Couponing with Tyler encourages you to share any deals you find so that your fellows can benefit. Tyler is always eager to hear from his followers and talk about the discounts that they discover.

Connect with Couponing with Tyler on Instagram here or visit the website

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