5 Fun-filled Games to Play For a Family Photo Session

Family photo sessions can be such a drag and a chore until fun and games are introduced. The best way to get cranky and naughty kids to behave and to make reluctant dads smile is to turn a photo session into a fun-filled activity. On that note, play these fun games during your next photo session to evoke genuine smiles, capture precious moments  and make memorable photos :

  1. Tickle Tickle

This game is the best remedy for uncooperative kids and bored parents! It elicits genuine smiles, laughter and loads of fun for both parents and their kids. Let everyone sit on a blanket and ask the parents to tickle their kids. Sometimes this could lead to snuggling which makes for perfect pictures.

  1. Wiggle

The wiggle game is guaranteed to deliver loads of giggles and joyous smiles. To play this game, line the family in a row with their hands intertwined. Then take the lead by wiggling your body and ask everyone to follow. The funny sight of a wiggling photographer is enough to make everyone giggle. The kids will also get a good kick seeing their parents being goofy. And at the end of the day, everyone is giggling, smiling and having fun.

  1. Parachute

Don’t look so shocked! You are not using actual parachutes for this game but a make-shift, blanket parachute. Get a big blanket and ask the adults to hold the corners and float it up and down. While the parents are moving the blanket, ask the kids to run underneath it. The blanket makes for a good photo prop, so select vibrant colors, patterns and textures that blend beautifully with the family’s outfits and photo location. Mom and dad shouldn’t just pose like statues when taking these pictures, rather they should inject some movement into their poses and a winning smile on their face, so the pictures can come out amazing.

  1. The Staring Contest

Yes, you guessed right! This game is about staring and it is easy to execute. Ask the kids to sit across each other while maintaining minimal distance. Then get them to look into each other’s eyes. The first person to break eye contact, laugh or even blink, will be deemed the loser. The game itself takes all but a few minutes but there’s always a 99% chance that one of the kids will look away and burst into laughter, causing the other to join. It is at this point that you can capture the best moments.

  1. Tongue Twisters

You probably think tongue twisters isn’t a game to be played at a photo session. But it will surprise you to know how many giggles, laughter, fun and breathtaking pictures it brings to the table. Get the family into position and say a tongue twister. Challenge them to see who would say it the fastest. Take the best family pictures as each twists their tongue in an attempt to out-compete the others, while the rest of the members double over with laughter. Two popular tongue twisters you can throw at them include :

She sells seashells by the seashore

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

The Last Shot

The beauty of these games is how effortless they are at delivering picture-perfect family photos. If you ever find yourself battling difficult kids at a photo session, simply grab any of these games and play. Don’t forget to preserve these beautiful memories by sharing the pictures on iPhoto.

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