The Benefits of Being on the First Page of Google

Inbound marketers prioritise the ranking of Google above anything else in the field. It is the one true measuring factor that gives every other element of the business a boost. The brand awareness goes through the roof, the clicks increase and it allows added benefits to flow through.

Some of them will be felt immediately while others might take time to produce themselves. Enterprise credibility is always at stake through the domain of Google rankings.

Hitting this mark is a task all unto itself though. SEO can be broken down and examined by how many links are used and from what sources. It will be structured on keyword strategy and how they are implemented across headings, titles and descriptions.

Then there is the not-so-small matter of content. How much is being produced? What references are being utilized? Is the content inclusive of multimedia tools such as images and video?

All of these active parts play a role in the grander scheme. Googlebots are constantly monitoring and ranking websites throughout every possible niche, making SEO a central priority for an organization wishing to gain more traction.

In a world where over 3.5 billion enquiries are made, with the majority of those running through Google, it is imperative to be as high as possible. Yahoo, Apple and Bing are steadily on the rise, but there is daylight between themselves and Google, seeing the latter enjoy 70% of market share.


Google has a dominance of the search engine market.

While the top hit might be out of touch, having a place on the first page of a Google enquiry is paramount. The benefits are plentiful. Here are the top 4:

Long-Term Success Over Short-Term Fix

Online marketing can be viewed from two different schools of thought:

  • Paid
  • Organic

Every enterprise that puts itself out there on the web should have plenty of room for both. Simply throwing money at Google Adwords won’t solve all the ills of an operation, but it might offer some instant clicks and revenue in the meantime.

What this means is that improving your search engine results page (SERP) is a more cost efficient method of obtaining online results. SERPs are considered more popular than sponsored advertisements because they are organic and therefore respond better to Google’s current algorithm.

Should an enterprise have large resources at their disposal and require instant results, then the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) route should be prioritized. Results with this tactic should be seen within 24-48 hours and makes a site instantly more competitive within a given niche.

The consensus behind websites that opt for PPC regularly over organic SERP growth is that they are for short-term gain only. Novices can run the same program without the expertise and garner similar.

This is where those funds would be better redirected to build something that lasts. Businesses that set aside campaigns for the long-term on a lower margin should see a Google ranking as a way to create better exposure.

top page of google

The higher the ranking, the greater the exposure.

An investment into a commercial campaign that is paid-for will find some immediate joy, potentially on a Google front page should the fee be acceptable. Yet it will be the organic search that will be:

  1. Far more cost effective
  2. Greater for long-term exposure over a 6 month – 5-year stretch and beyond

Greater Brand Awareness

The top page of Google is all about visibility. Type in any description of a niche and the search engine will be able to provide detail of the most reputable brand that is not just popular, but authentic. What Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets down to then is a matter of brand recognition and awareness.

A higher ranking from Google’s point of view positions a name and a logo above competitors in the same market. This in turn enables that operation to leverage their standing and cash in on the returns. Business brands essentially act to reflect how a company is viewed by society, business peers and sponsors.

What should be noted though is that brand awareness will vary drastically depending where exactly your site sits on Google’s top page. Being within the first 10 hits is great, but that should be viewed as step one. Then is a bigger goal in mind because the numbers bear a major distinction.

Improved Authenticity

In the domain of SEO, there is a science and a method to how sites are ranked. Yet there is an intangible quality that arrives with first page hits on Google, becoming a psychological game that plays on reputation as it does on pure results.

seo specialist

The first page of Google will improve authenticity.

Consider a Google search that attempts to find an SEO specialist in the UK region of Mansfield. Google will provide a number of listings that will have the top webpage results in the centre. These signify the searches that are the most organic out of the lot. Then come the PPC advertisements on the right hand column.

For all we know, they appear to be reputable companies all offering a similar service for prospective customers. Yet it is only natural for any Google user to focus their attention firmly on the top hits in the organic search.

This is because the eye is drawn to what is central and there is an inherent sense that those who opted for the PPC route have artificially achieved that standing. People are becoming ever more aware and cynical of advertising methods, which makes organic search listing more authentic for the user and therefore for Google.

Unlike other search engines or websites that will provide a platform for pop-up ads, Google creations a clear distinction between what is organic and what is paid-for. That “Ad” box could not be marked clearer and searchers will naturally gravitate to the web search.

When it is all said and done, being on the first page of a Google search list boosts the overall image. It tells clients that you are authentic, genuine and reputable. Those URLs that emerge through advertisements appear desperate to enter the space at any cost.

Higher Click-Through Rates

first page of google

Higher visibility usually translates into a better click-through rate.

Higher visibility on Google is simple – you generate a higher click-through rate. The user is far more likely to act on a link that ranks organically on Google. Customers are more likely to order a product. Page views increase. New visitors increase. The time spent browsing the website happens to be almost four-times longer as well.

PPC tactic does work to compliment the organic search through a top Google ranking. They are able to work hand-in-hand and while the SERP has to be a central focus and priority, a combination that is executed properly will yield the premium results an enterprise is after.

Final Thoughts

Being present on the first page of a Google search provides multiple dividends. By implementing a smart SEO strategy, which is what a top page result indicates, the brand becomes more visible to the market.

Costs are kept under control as organic methods are prioritized over paid-for advertisements. More traffic also leads to customers staying longer on a webpage and increasing the likelihood of purchasing direct from the source.

Yet there are the intangible qualities of reputation and authenticity that really drives an operation forward. Organizations have and will spend thousands of dollars to reach a target on Google that gives them credibility, but it is the companies who do their due diligence and satisfy their customers that ultimately reap the rewards.

There is always a pecking order in this domain and even within the first page, the number one spot holds majority sway over the other pages. Making that number one page though is a major step in the right direction.

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