Are Push Notifications High Engagement Marketing Tool In 2018?

There is no preferable inclination over the one you get when prospects connect with your marketing strategies. As a business, it’s extremely imperative that your endeavours are getting changed over into leads and afterward to conversions.

In 2018, when various marketing tools are now in the market, push notifications represent an entire arena of tools that have demonstrated the best open rates and conversions over the past few years.

What Are The Push Notifications?

Push Notifications or push messages are the messages that pop up on a device (mobile or computer). The twist is, the sender doesn’t need your contact number or email address to send these messages. They can pop up on your mobile phone, mobile browser, or on your computer even when you are not actively using a particular app.

But, before that, any publisher wishing to send a push message must ask the receiver for permissions. This is called as turning on the push notifications or also allowing the push messages.

The push messages popping-out on a web browser are called as web push notifications. While the ones that pop-out on your Android or Apple phone are the application based push notification.

How To Turn On Push Notifications?

It depends from application to application, browser to browser and even device to device. For Android or iOS phones, the publisher can ask for the permission while installing the app. While the users on the internet browsers can turn-on the push messages with a click on the pop up that appears when browsing a web page.

Technically, the switching-on of notifications is called as “Opt-in”. It’s also one of the important push message metrics for tracking the performance of your push marketing strategy.

The image below shows how Pushmaze asks for the permission to turn on the push notification.

How to turn on push notifications

It’s simple to enable push notification with just a click on “Allow” button


How Is Push Marketing Strategy Used?

Push Messages are the short messages like SMS alerts, but one does not need the contact number. Sometimes, they can also contain an image. It’s required that user has installed your application, or has turned on the notifications in the browser like the above image.

Publishers need to send the push messages with the added value so as to get an assured click- through. For example, publishers can feed the information like:

  • Sports score
  • News alerts
  • Price change of a product
  • Weather reports
  • Change in flight schedule
  • A new email arrived and many more

The added value to the push messages make them interesting and encourage the user to open them. In addition to the added value, marketing goals are also fulfilled through the push notifications.


The publishers and marketers can use push notifications for:

  • Promoting products on an eCommerce site
  • Promoting the dropped rates on flight booking
  • Sending transaction related confirmations
  • Inviting users to check out a new product
  • Promoting an on-going offer on the website
  • Notifying readers about a new blog posted

Push Message Segmentation Is Of Prime Importance

Not every push notification is suited to everyone. A few wrong and irrelevant deliveries can push the users to disable the notifications. So, it’s very crucial to first segment the users on different profiles. Segmentation can be done on a different basis like:

  • Time zone
  • Geo-location
  • Purchase history
  • Browsing history
  • Type of browser
  • Type of device

There are various push notification tools in the market which provide the turnkey solutions with ready-made segmentation and target profile.

Here is a good example of Push notification used by Amazon to let the users know about the product delivery status of their order-

Example of a good Push Notification

Amazon gives a very good example of how engaging push messages can be for the users


Below is how a popular aviation company used creative push notifications for up-selling the add-ons on the flight ticket. It encouraged the users to opt-in for the add-ons so as to make the travel experience a ball.

used creative push notifications

How Have Major Companies Thrived With The Push Notifications?

  • JetBlue, a major aviation company is using the engaging push notifications to pass on valuable information to its users. Notifications like check-in reminder and flight schedule update add a practical value to these messages.

Almost every travel company use such push messages, and it’s no surprise to know that the travel industry received the highest open rates in a study on push messages. It’s  78% to be exact.

  • The eCommerce industry has come out to be one of the major users of the push marketing strategy. In fact, a report says that 33% of the eCommerce marketers are sending Limited Time Notifications to pass on the time-bound offers to the prospects. Limited time offers like flash sale and time-bound discount coupons receive a significant click through here.

The data below shows how eCommerce is the largest sector utilizing push messages for marketing-

E-commerce industry has come out as the highest employer of the push notification marketing.

Almost every sector of the industry is using push messages. Which sector do you work for?


  • Netflix, one of the most used videos streaming app makes the perfect use of push notifications by simply tracking the watch history of the user. They provide the push alerts when a new episode or the new season of a series is uploaded. This is an excellent way to improve the push notifications engagement as well as user engagement on the app and website.

most used videos streaming app most used videos streaming app


How To Know That It’s Time To Adopt Push Marketing Strategy?

A perfect answer to this question would be, “While you are figuring whether you ought to adopt or not, your rivals have embraced the push marketing strategy long prior, and they are already ahead of you.”

Truly! Competition research is one of the key elements of marketing. It isn’t so much that if your rival is using it then you should likewise utilize it. The pain point is about the sort of conversion rate and high ground the contender has against you in the wake of using it.

So, are the push notifications high engagements marketing tools in 2018?

Definitely yes! I can give you some more reasons to adopt the push notification marketing strategy in 2018. Here they are-

  1. You Are Unable To Get The Repeat Customers

The probability of getting a repeat customer is way higher than the chances of getting a new one. To be exact, 60% of your customers will buy from you again, while you can get only 20% of new visitors to buy from you.

The old customers are of prime importance, but if you are struggling in convincing them, it’s time you have a check on your marketing strategy. If you have tried your hands on different marketing strategies and still face the failure,  it’s time to adopt the push notification marketing which has come out as one of the best and engaging tools in 2018.

This is how a major eCommerce grocery marketplace and a mobile network company tried to get the repeat sales in different ways.

Use of push notifications to convey the information regarding various offers on the eCommerce store.

eCommerce stores can use the push notifications to pass on its exciting offers and discounts


  1. Your Email Campaigns Are Not Performing The Way You Wanted

Email marketing campaigns fall prey to the spam filters, and they never really make to the actual destination. Most of the marketing emails end up in the spam folders of the prospects. Moreover, emails are partially targeted as compared to the push messages.

A push message mostly gets delivered to a user who is more likely to get converted. How? Because push messages can be sent only to a person who has either installed your app or has opted-in to receive. So, there is always a very high chance of getting not just a click through but also a conversion.

The data below shows how push notifications receive better open rates than emails.

Push messages receive a higher open rate as compared to emails

Push Messages have a promising future as a complement to email marketing. Image courtesy:


Push notification is a 100% communication medium when it comes to pass on any message to your prospects. There is no such thing as a spam filter in push marketing. A user can either opt-in to receive the notifications or can disable them completely.

  1. Shopping Cart Abandonment Is Deteriorating Your Conversion Rates

If you are into eCommerce business, you must be familiar with this term. Shopping cart abandonment is something that haunts every eCommerce business owner. Roughly, 68 out of every 100 shipping carts gets abandoned on the eCommerce site.

You might be having a shopping cart abandonment tool that might have been helping you to get the data of how many carts are getting orphaned on your site each day. You might also be sending the recovery emails to recover those lost sales.  But, using the email marketing as a sole tool is not a good idea here.

As we discussed in the last point, how emails are not as efficient, and how they end up in the spam folder. In this situation, Push message marketing is the best tool that you can get in 2018. These are one of the most effective ways to recover the abandoned carts.

As the push messages are accurately targeted, some creative push notifications can work as a lifesaver here. You can apply your creative mind to remind the users of their orphaned carts. Additionally, you can promote the offers and discounts that you are giving on the products so as to lure the users to come back.

Look how this eCommerce site used the push notifications to fetch the user back on the website. A 10% discount was a great idea here.

Push notifications can help you to reduce the shopping cart abandonment on your eCommerce store.

Use your creative ideas to convert the abandoned shopping carts


  1. Even The Subscribed Readers Are Not Reading Your Blogs Anymore

A blog can survive only if it appeals to the readers. The quality of the content and all the SEO factors are still important to increase the online visibility. But, the problem arises when your subscribers are not reading your posts anymore. They are the person who actually liked your contents, that’s why they chose to subscribe or bookmark your site.

If they are not reading your posts, there could be a possible reason that they are not aware of the new posts you make. Simply, they are not getting notified for the same.

In this situation, push messages will help you to communicate with these readers by letting them know about the new posts you make on your blog. A simple and short push message with a catchy headline can encourage the readers to read your post.

Neil Patel’s blog is a good example of how you can ask your readers to enable push notifications.


Example of a good push notification for a blogging site

An Appealing heading can make people click on your push notification


Words To Conclude

With push notifications, you can convey some awesome value to your users, readers, and customers. They can enable you to enhance the brand loyalty, user commitment, and even the conversion rates can be profoundly progressed. As the push notifications are exceptionally focused and customized they can hit the objective all the more precisely.

It was so clear toward the starting itself, that push messages are the best tool for achieving higher engagement in 2018. Ideally, the clarification above will clear your psyches about the utilization of push messages in the present marketing scenario.

Considering implementing a push notification tool for your website? Get in touch with your eCommerce developer or marketing tool developer to see what are the options for a good push notification implementation.

Do you have some more ideas on better utilization of push messages?

Share them with our readers. Your expertise in interment marketing and push messages will surely help our readers to know new facts about the topic.

Marry Ann is a branding consultant. She is mainly passionate about building brands in all aspect of online marketing.