The 4 Best Websites in 2024 For Master Resell Rights Products

Discover the top websites to search for ready-made digital products with master resell rights in 2024. Master resell rights (MRR) allow entrepreneurs to resell products online while keeping 100% of profits. These done-for-you assets cut out upfront costs and time spent on content creation, so you can focus on branding and marketing.

The following are some of the best sites to find high-quality MRR products that let you start a business right away:

As one of the leaders in the industry, offers over 16,000+ products across various niches. From ebooks to video courses, their in-house team ensures error-free content. Access curated MRR products along with PLR licenses. Both lifetime and monthly membership plans available.

Big Product Store

With a vast collection of 10,000+ resellable items, Big Product Store deserves to be your go-to resource. Lifetime access to their selection of audios, software, templates and more fits all budgets. New products added regularly across different categories.

Big Product Store

PLR Markets is offering their Master Resale Premium Bundle which provides unlimited lifetime access to their entire catalogue of online courses, eBooks and software in bundled deals for a single discounted price. Their products are carefully curated to ensure quality and value for resellers to startup your online business right away!

PLR Markets

Master Resale Rights

Master Resale Rights is a dedicated platform that specializes in offering high-quality MRR products. They have a vast collection of digital products, including ebooks, software, graphics, videos, and more. Their products come with different licensing options, allowing you to resell them and keep all the profits.

Master Resale Rights

What does master resale rights mean?

Master resell rights (MRR) refers to a license that allows you to resell a digital product, such as an ebook or online course, while retaining 100% of the profits. With MRR, you can sell the product as many times as you like without restrictions.

The benefits for selling MRR Products:

  1. Save Time on Product Development
    PLR empowers entrepreneurs to get products to market faster by avoiding the design stage. Instead of spending weeks or months creating content from scratch, you can start selling curated PLR packages right away. This allows you to capitalize on opportunities sooner.
  2. Reduce Costs and Risks
    Royalty-free licensing models remove risks associated with copyright violations and keep production costs very low. There’s no need to hire developers or designers when quality PLR is available for a one-time fee.
  3. Build Your Brand Quickly
    Having a catalog of ready-to-sell digital items gives fledgling businesses instant credibility and marketing ammunition. Customers are more confident purchasing from an established brand versus an empty storefront.
  4. Resell Popular Product Types
    PLR content spans all types of in-demand online products, from ebooks and software to images, videos and online courses. Find formats that match your niche’s wants and needs.
  5. Focus on Core Competencies
    Outsourcing initial content creation to PLR providers allows solopreneurs to concentrate limited energies on marketing, sales and service. Leverage experts while strengthening your true strengths.

How to promote my MRR products effectively?

Here are some effective promotion strategies for MRR products:

  • Run paid ads on Facebook/Google targeting your niche keywords
  • Offer limited-time discounts and free bonuses to generate early sales
  • Guest post on niche blogs and forums to build authority
  • Utilize email marketing to your list with launch announcements
  • Create case studies, success stories and reviews to proof social proof
  • Set up price tiers, upsells and downsells for additional revenue streams


Q: What is the difference between MRR and other licenses?
A: MRR allows reselling indefinitely while retaining 100% profits unlike other licenses.

Q: How do I select niches for products?
A: Research top selling niches on ClickBank, JVZoo etc. Pick 2–3 related low-competition niches.

Q: What branding customizations are allowed?
A: With MRR, you can fully rebrand the product title, images, text and sales pages. Some allow rewrite of smaller portions.

These recommended websites for 2024 offer an extensive assortment of high-quality, ready-made digital MRR products. Entrepreneurs can leverage these to develop multiple online income streams.

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