AI Strategies Startups Should Use To Scale and Grow

You might be wondering what AI is and how it can be applied to business operations. A lot of people will think that AI is the use of robots or the use of machines to run operations. This is true but in this new age artificial intelligence is in the form of software. Artificial Intelligence is the full form of AI. AI is best defined as the ability of software to think, learn and act as human beings would. With this kind of ability, you can be sure that these programs have the capacity to solve problems from past experiences. 

Startups do not have big budgets to hire new employees to help in their operations, but with AI technology you need not worry about this. As an entrepreneur, you might have learned that there are a lot of things to deal with, ranging from getting new customers for your business to dealing with suppliers. These are daunting tasks, and they will slow down your business and lower your efficiency.

Businesses should constantly adapt to new technologies to help them scale and grow. With the COVID-19 pandemic, most people have lost their jobs, and businesses are not doing as well as they used to before, but with technology, we can adopt new ways of doing things. 

Artificial Intelligence is a new technology that is being used to offer better customer experiences, better operational efficiencies, review collection, and onboarding. This post will furnish you with AI strategies that will come a long way in making sure that you are seamlessly running your business. 

Customer Experience Automation

From reports done by the American Express, it has been established that 40% of customers want companies to be quick when responding to their queries. Any success in a business is dependent on how you treat your customers. Customer service is king and quick and reliable customer support will earn any business a competitive edge over the others. 

AI technology is making it easy for businesses to learn and understand their customers better. Different from traditional analytics of data, AI is in a position to learn and improve from the data it analyzes to a point where it predicts the customer behavior. 

Currently, a lot of businesses are making use of chatbots for customer support services. This kind of technology quickly responds to common queries. These bots will collect information about customers. Determine preferences and learn of the different issues the customers face. 

Making the best out of AI tools will go a long way in delivering world-class customer experiences for businesses focused on their customers. With AI technology, brands will be able to connect with their customers on a personal level. This will translate to better brand loyalty and trust. Who knows, you can make use of the information gathered in the Research and Development Department. 

Pro tip: These AI chatbots will collect information about your customers and learn what their preferences are.  

Assist in Marketing Efforts

Marketing and brand awareness are key aspects in bringing business to a company. For great results and visibility, AI-powered tools will bring great results. Some aspects that AI technology will assist in will include Content generation, automated email marketing, and management of digital campaigns. There are plenty of tools for content generation that will come a long way in assisting with content ideas and optimization of content. For emails, you are able to send personalized emails to your customers as well as promotions. 

There are plenty of tools in the market meant to generate new content like articles, videos, banners and infographics. The content generated is optimized to cater for different audiences and offer recommendations too. 

Another aspect in marketing that takes up a lot of time and effort will be coming up with ads. The good news is that there are PPC management agencies that leverage AI tools to create quality ad campaigns. The only thing that you need to do is to approach such agencies and discuss your idea of an ideal ad. Expert PPC ad professionals will help you come up with test reports of the ad, cross channel executions, optimization and media buying too. 

Better Security for Data

With cyber-attacks increasing at an alarming rate, you need to make the best out of AI security tools. One of the strategies you can put in place as a company is to have AI learning technology that will learn all about the security threats you can be exposed to, which will assist you in identifying threats that you might be exposed to in the future. 

From previous studies, it has been established that it takes an average of 196 days for an institution to have their data recovered in the event of a data breach and can cost as much as 3.86 million for such an activity. What do you think would be better; investing in AI technology for security or going through the stress of recovering data after a breach?

Onboarding Automation

Are you worried about the professionals and skills you are bringing to your business? Most startups fail within the three years of launch, but, you need not fret when you have AI technology applied to your recruiting procedures. Having the right skill set in your business will go a long way to succeeding in business. It will be hard for you to handle applications manually, and it will be time-consuming too. 

With the AI software in place, you will simplify screening and filtering through applications. Getting the right personnel for the role you have vacant in your business will be the hardest thing for over 50% of the recruiters. You will get to narrow down to a small pool of people who are suitable for the role without spending much time. 

Pro tip: With an AI recruitment tool all you need is to feed it with the desired traits of performing employees in the company and you will have it learn this and analyze applications that have been sent. 

Benefits of using AI for hiring

  • Save up to 23 hours per hire
  • Your workflow will not be interfered with 
  • Cost of hiring will be low

Review Collection Automation 

Learning about how customers feel is important in a business. There are plenty of ways used to collect feedback from customers and potential customers. Some of these methods include focus groups or manually collecting and analyzing reviews from customers. These methods deliver the intended results, but they are costly, labor-intensive, and time-consuming. 

Having AI as a strategy will make it easy for you to collect such data and analyze it fast. With time the AI learns about the feedback given and makes suggestions that will influence your decision making. You will at times not need quantitative survey scores to know whether your customers were satisfied, neutral or had complaints. 

AI technology will collect the information needed which includes learning complaints from clients rather than perusing through hundreds of complaint emails or listening to calls from agents. AI will learn all these through keywords by checking their intensity and determining the relationship between words or groups of words. The software will then classify these problems and tag them to the relevant personnel for the right action.

This technology has been best used in the gaming industry where a lot of feedback is received on different games. Most of these chatbots are integrated in games where the players are able to leave feedback as they play their games. 


To sum it all up, we recommend using AI technologies to shape and grow your business. As we have seen from the strategies we have reviewed, AI plays a huge role in any business, whether big or small. We can also establish that these strategies apply to almost all departments in any organization. For easier and better implementation of a company’s plan, AI will make the set goals possible. 

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