Are SugaCards Scammers? Our Detailed Investigation of the Metal Bank Card Manufacturer

When it comes to your payment details, you should always be very careful. The Internet space is just teeming with scammers who want to get hold of your card data in order to use them to their advantage. This rule often works both ways. On the one hand, it helps protect yourself from cyber fraudsters, on the other hand, it does not provide an opportunity to get the services of reliable companies, because you can suspect scammers in anyone, including your personal bank manager if he calls you from an unknown phone number. Today our research focuses on a company that provides fairly non-standard services. This is SugaCards, a Californian company that produces exclusive metal bank cards. Let’s figure it out together, are SugaCards scammers?

What does SugaCards Company Do?

First of all, let’s talk about what this company does in general? In short, it provides the exclusive design and production of metal bank cards. But the devil is in the details. SugaCards does not make cards from scratch. This is the prerogative of banking and financial organizations, and processing centers. The company’s services can be called rather an upgrade of your plastic card to a new level.

The company’s specialists remove a chip from a working plastic card and transfer information from its magnetic strip to a new metal carrier. As a result, you get a card with a new design, but with your old chip, magnetic stripe, and, therefore, linked to your card account, and all the functions of the old card. Such services are provided not only by SugaCards. If you google the order of a metal payment card, the search engine will give you a lot of other links for this request. And some of them will indeed be scammers. In the case of SugaCards, this is not at all the case for at least several reasons, described below:

The company openly provides information about the location of its office and warmly invites customers who are convenient to place an order for a metal bank card in Stockton, California, to visit this office. The site contains phone numbers and contacts of the company’s pages on social networks.

  • If you break through the data of SugaCards LLC on open databases, it becomes clear that this is a company registered in the United States, it is subject to American law, and has the necessary licenses to provide services for the issuance of custom metal payment cards.
  • At the end of the day, customer reviews will always be your most trusted source of information. SugaCards has thousands of subscribers on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok, and they leave a lot of comments under every activity of the company on social networks. There is practically no negative feedback about SugaCards. Or we just didn’t find it.

In total, we can already say that SugaCards is a real company that already has its clients and operates strictly in the US legal field,

Going Further. Is It Safe to Deal With SugaCards?

Why in general could there be suspicion of a scam in relation to the SugaCards company? It’s all about the very procedure for issuing a metal payment card! To do this, the client needs to send a plastic card to the office of the company or provide in person his valid plastic card. Then, after carrying out the work on transferring the chip and information, the new metal card and the old plastic both return to the owner. Looks simple. But the issue of security remains relevant. After all, you will have to part with your plastic card for a while, moreover, if you are not in California, or even outside the United States, you will have to use mail services to deliver the card to the SugaCards office. This is already a thin line, beyond which your safety may be threatened. What risks do you bear when you order a metal payment card in this way?

  • Your card may get lost in the mail or not reach the address.
  • It can be extracted during delivery by unscrupulous couriers and used for their own purposes.
  • The card can be used for payments by the employees of the company themselves.
  • Your card data will remain in the SugaCards database, and from there they can be accessed by third parties, it does not matter, through the fault and initiative of the company, or in the event of a database breach.

We can reassure you. The very procedure for such work has been worked out to the smallest detail. And all risks are reduced to zero.

  • You send the card in a sealed package by express service.
  • After issuing a metal bank card, SugaCards will send you your new card and the old plastic one in the same way. Immediately upon registration of the shipment, the manager will send you a tracking number for tracking.
  • The SugaCards company on its website stipulates in the terms and conditions that it does not store customer data on its servers longer than the production process requires.
  • The managers of SugaCards themselves advise clients to temporarily freeze card accounts until the metal payment card is in their hands.
  • In addition, SugaCards provides insurance for bank cards at the time of delivery and production of the card.

As you can see, the grounds for suspecting the company SugaCards in a scam are broken by the facts that are in the public domain.

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