5 Ways To Make Your Blog Visually Attractive

A plain block of text can seem dull and unappealing, especially for people who skim through content without really reading through it. If your web content is just simple text, chances are people will bounce right off your website without consuming the information you share.

This can dent your SEO efforts because Google and other search engines will take notice of high bounce rates and short on-page times – pushing you further down the rankings. Introducing excitement to your content is important. This guide looks at ways to make your  blog as visually attractive as possible – for good.

Keep It Short… Keep It Simple… Keep It Crisp

You don’t want to write a long, boring blog that will almost always be passed over for something shorter, simpler and crisper. Here are some ideas to give your blog the right look when you write:

  • Make sure paragraphs are just a few sentences without taking up more than three or four lines.
  • Use bullet points and sub-headings to break up your content.
  • Highlight important elements within the blog to draw the eye towards them.
  • Use simple and easy language that can be understood by every reader who visits your website.

Using these guidelines in your blog will make it more intellectually stimulating and visually sound, but they should be combined with other elements too.

Use Graphics To Keep Your Blog Interesting

Graphics break away from the monotony of text and will give it a visual lift almost instantly, plus they make the blog look infinitely more interesting. Consider the following:

  • Information disseminated with a picture helps imprint itself into a reader’s mind, and helps them recall at a later time more easily.
  • Graphics will also improve your credibility as they showcase statistics and numbers that will otherwise get lost in a sea of words.
  • Graphics can break away from blocks of text so people have something interesting to look at before returning to the information you share via text.

Graphics not only make the blog look more interesting, but they also help to retain reader interest and keep them on your page for longer. This is exactly what you want to boost your SEO rankings over time.

Use Videos To Explain Your Content

According to Jimmy Huh videos are a good way to get to a reader without having to write too much in words. This is simply because the visual medium is the most powerful way to resonate with people who have low attention spans. Consider the following:

  • People consider videos to be less work than reading an entire blog post.
  • Videos help to convey more information without forcing people to read too much text – and are more likely to stimulate your desired call to action.
  • Use short paragraphs and videos simultaneously to really drill home your message.

You should always specify your video content to help people click and watch your video. The more clicks you get, the better will be your SEO rankings over time.

Add Color To The Blog

Color is a good way to ensure that you draw a reader’s attention to something you want in the blog. This could be a call to action statement or a particular statistic. Consider the following:

  • Color greatly adds to the aesthetic of the blog and breaks away from the monotony of plain black text.
  • Colors are known to invoke certain emotions so use these to create the call to action you want. For example, red is known for excitement and passion so use this to entice readers and stimulate them to purchase your product through special offers.
  • Decide on the tone of your blog, and use an appropriate color palate to get your message across to the reader.

Color is another way to stimulate your readers. Think of every aspect of your blog that you can highlight with color to make a strong impact.

Avoid Too Many Advertisements For A Better Viewer Experience

Ads can be extremely frustrating and will turn people away from your blog faster than you like. To prevent this from happening, you may want to consider limiting the ads on your blog. Consider the following:

  • Keep ads to a minimum
  • Let ads appear either on the left or right or below your content.
  • Only allow relevant ads so they don’t distract from your blog content.

Too many ads will make people leave and view competitor websites so make sure you avoid allowing too many on yours.

Use these ground rules to help you reap the best benefits with a visually stimulating blog.


Tina Johnson helped bring The Marketing Folks from a-weekly newsletter to a full-fledged news site by creating a new website and branding. She continues to assist in keeping the site responsive and well organized for the readers. As a contributor to The Marketing Folks, Tara mainly covers industry new.