One Of A Kind Musician Steffan Rundquist Keeping The Rubber Tramp Life Alive

There are a few ways to describe someone who is consistently on the move to hone their craft or sell their wares – standup comedians talk about it all the time as ‘their life on the road’, for musician and creator Steffan Rundquist, it is simply – life itself.

With the way music tends to be distributed in this day and age, it is refreshing enough to see the subtle eccentricities and outliers that still choose to live a life of mobility and live performance. With the internet opening more international doors than ever before, it boggled the mind to imagine people still pursuing the road less traveled.

Steffan Rundquist is anything but your typical performer, stemming from humble beginnings, he took on the mantle of his creativity and worked tirelessly to develop his unique sound and style. It was from this that he was able to better set himself up for a journey that no one else could traipse down – his own.

From The Dumpster To The Stage

Steffan Rundquist has stated in interviews of the past that he found his first electric guitar in the rubbish when he was only 10 years old. The Swedish native, then learned the fundamentals and the feel of a guitar, developing an eclectic and strange vibration from it which would eventually feed itself into his typical working habits.

As he grew and developed a knack for his writing ability combined with a psychedelic undertone, joining a punk band when he was 15 – which allowed him to flourish and flesh out his signature style all the more.

The Rubber Tramp

The modern rockers are found online for the most part, especially with the pandemic still rearing its ugly head in the consensus and everyday lives of many people around the world. As a result, there has been a noticeable drop in the old-school mentality of getting in a car with some equipment, music, and the road ahead.

It’s a dreamscape that has been encapsulated in many movies and common genres around the globe, and Steffan Rundquist is bringing it back in spades. His tours consist of him living entirely out of his Mercedes Sprinter – living the classic rockstar existence by traveling from tour date to tour date with his equipment and himself and the road ahead.

It’s refreshing to see, and not something that will be forgotten anytime soon, especially as the Rubber Tramp musicians are becoming increasingly rare as time goes on.

What’s Next

Steffan Rundquist is kicking off his European Tour in 2022, the first of its kind for a couple of years thanks to the pandemic. He’ll be playing his selection of classic hits and newly written pieces – both of which his fans eagerly anticipate.

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