Google announces widespread deployment of Speed ​​Update: slower sites will be penalized

At the beginning of the year, Google presented an update of its algorithm (Speed ​​Update). Objective: penalize the slowest sites on mobile. Google then announced that the widespread deployment of this update would take place in July. Here we are: Google has announced the application of the Speed ​​Update.

Only the slowest pages will be penalized

Many things have been said about this update. The sites will not be classified according to their loading time. Only sites whose performance is very bad will be penalized by the Speed ​​Update. Google has a limited scope: “it will affect a small number of requests,” ie a very low percentage of sites indexed on the engine. Google also specifies that the relevance of a result to a query remains a strong signal, a slow page can be ranked better than a fast page if its content is better or better matches the expectation of ‘an user.

To check the speed of your site and avoid the penalty, several tools are available. Google offers Lighthouse and PageSpeed ​​Insights, now based on Chrome’s UX report, for real-world testing.

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