Fyrebox’s messaging tool continues to create better engagement and form the future of online quizzes

Fyrebox is an online quiz generator founded by Cyril Gaillard. With a degree in engineering at the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Rennes, France, Cyril Gaillard now lives in Australia and dedicates his time to his most recent start-up, Fyrebox. In 2011, Gaillard created an iPad game for his niece that aimed to teach her French in a fun and engaging way.

Cyril Gaillard, Fyrebox

Cyril Gaillard, Fyrebox

Paired with the rise of quizzes being used by companies such as Buzzfeed, Gaillard was inspired to create his own quiz making platform and use it to teach and inspire generations of students to come.

Fyrebox is based on the premise of delivering exciting quizzes to users that will then generate valuable data for businesses and for teachers to measure. For teachers, this data can help them to quickly identify any weaknesses in their students’ learning and address these issues accordingly. It provides them with instant feedback on individual students or their class as a whole and gives them an idea of where to direct their learning.

For businesses, quizzes can be used as a survey, as a competition or as a product recommendation tool. This allows for information on potential customers to be gathered and delivered to a business’ CRM or email marketing software. This data can then be used to create appropriate campaigns and convert customers or to evaluate the business model and determine the trajectory their strategies should be taking.

The chatbot feature is the highlight of Fyrebox and a testament to the way in which they, led by Cyril Gaillard, aim to create new and better ways of maintaining user engagement. Gaillard and his team recognize that everybody uses their mobile phones and that it is an ideal way to communicate. With this knowledge, they created a feature which utilizes messaging apps on mobile phones to deliver quizzes. Through mimicking a person typing out each quiz question and sending it through to the receiver’s phone, quiz users are far more likely to stay engaged and complete the quiz in its entirety. It is this commitment to boosting user engagement that puts Fyrebox ahead of the rest.

With the implementation of online tools becoming one of the most important skills for teachers and businesses alike to master, platforms such as Fyrebox are of great importance. The ease of use, consistent innovation and the tangible results are what make platforms like this so appealing.

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