Common SEO concerns

Common SEO concerns

SEO is pretty important, and yet many people forgo professional SEO services and consequently miss some great opportunities. There are some common concerns that are raised for many business owners who have never used or have little experience with SEO.

Here are some of the most common concerns and misconceptions raised by SEO newbies.

Return on investment

A common concern for SEO newcomers is establishing what kind of return on investment they can expect. There are no guarantees on exact numbers of traffic or conversions when it comes to SEO, but a good SEO company will ensure you see a positive return on your investment. SEO strategies takes time and work before they start to have the right impact on your search engine results; they are a long-term strategy that usually requires adjustments and flexibility over time.

Reputable SEO companies will be able to show you clear results, but don’t lose heart if you don’t see a big return on investment in the first month. Sometimes it takes some time and testing out different tactics before you see some positive momentum and a return on your investment.

If you’re not seeing any tangible results after a few months, then it might be time to ask some questions of your SEO company or consider finding a new one.

Time investment

Effective SEO is a big time investment. Properly optimising a website and pushing it up the rankings can take thousands of hours, so a common concern for those new to the practice is that they don’t have the resources, budget or staff available to get the most out of it. Never fear! Most SEO companies will be able to work with you and within a budget. Not everyone has the resources available to dedicate unlimited time to optimisation, and that’s okay. You can still achieve great results and momentum with strategic investments of time. It might take longer to see results, but over time small actions add up to big changes and you will begin to see more traffic and a climb up the rankings.

Technical SEO

If you’re hesitant about SEO then you’ll likely be especially unsure about technical SEO. Most people have little experience with the technical side of SEO when they first start out, so this side of website optimisation can be particularly intimidating. It is also much more invisible then some of the aspects of search engine optimisation. Unlike blog articles or content updates, it’s harder to see and appreciate the work that goes in to optimising the technical side of a website. A good SEO company will be able to explain to you what changes are being made and how they impact your website. Technical issues on a site can have a huge impact on how well your site does when it comes to SEO, so it’s important that regular technical audits are undertaken and any issues are addressed. There’s no reason to be intimidated! It’s actually one of the best things you can do for your site and your business.


If you’re delving into the world of search engine optimisation then you probably understamd that Google applies penalties to poor practices or black-hat approaches to SEO. A lot of newcomers worry that companies will use these practices on their website and that they may end with a penalty from Google which will lose valuable traffic and rankings. You can avoid falling prey to bad practices by doing your research and only using reputable companies with great references. Make sure you ask plenty of questions about their strategies before you go ahead.

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