Social media marketing

3 Ways Social Media Can Boost Your PR Strategy

Social media is now a key part of a public relations strategy. Traditional PR activities saw more of a focus on TV, radio and print in terms of securing media exposure. Now... Read more »
10 Tricks to Launch an Online Marketing Campaign on a Tight Budget

10 Tricks to Launch an Online Marketing Campaign on a Tight Budget

Although digital marketing is key for successfully reaching a wide variety of consumer categories such as millennials, the cost of using online tools can be enormous, particularly if you’re running a small... Read more »
How to use Instagram to improve your SEO

How to use Instagram to improve your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) requires a complex and multifaceted strategy. With Google guarding its algorithm closely, SEO tactics are based on extensive research and constant updates. While social media platforms such as... Read more »

An invite-only exclusive social media app? Here is the low down on Clubhouse

It seems like everyone in the tech sphere is talking about Clubhouse. Elon Musk popularized the iPhone app when a sit-down conversation between him and Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev was live-streamed onto... Read more »
Instagram Marketing Helps Brands to Build a Following

Instagram Marketing Helps Brands Like Daddy Couture to Build a Following

Social media marketing is becoming a necessity for businesses (particularly in the e-commerce sector) that want to grow their brand. A lot of attention is devoted to using Facebook and Twitter, as... Read more »
Social Media Verifications

Social Media Verifications, They Come and They Can Go

On social media, anyone can create an account, pretend to be someone else and gain a large following. To differentiate between real and fake accounts the top platforms have adopted a verification... Read more »
Ways to Scale Your Facebook Ads

6 Ways to Scale Your Facebook Ads

Once your Facebook ads start generating massive results, the next thing you’ll probably consider is how to blow up your profits accordingly. Obviously, this involves scaling your Facebook ads. After all, if... Read more »