Apple unveils new emojis

On this World Emoji Day, the American multinational has put on line a series of new emojis representing women and men of all ages and different physical aspects.

Bald, with gray hair or red hair, black skin or white skin: these are the faces of new emojis offered by Apple. The announcement of these new characters was made last February by Unicode Consortium, a group that decides the birth of new emojis.

In addition to these characters, images of exotic animals such as a kangaroo and a parrot, as well as food (a mango and lettuce) were also created.

In addition, emojis to represent people with different disabilities have been submitted to Unicode by Apple. These include a guide dog, a wheelchair user, and a blind person who travels with a cane. Unicode has promised to license some of these images in 2019.

Emoji in numbers

  • 6 billion are sent daily
  • 157 new emojis were accepted in 2018
  • 3000 emojis exist in the world
  • 176: number of first emojis created
  • 700 million emojis are used in Facebook posts every day

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