Was it something I Said? Translators and Services: Who, What and Why?

Why Are They So Important

Why Are They So Important?

There is often a disconnect when one considers the importance of concise language. Getting a message across effectively and without error is a learned skill that can be misunderstood far too often in this day and age. Think about it, how many times have you said “that’s not what I meant” when in a conversation with a friend or family member? Now consider this, imagine you were in a courtroom or a hospital in a foreign country where the language is not only important, but also very much life or death. This is where the righteous work of translator services come into play and why the industry is not going anywhere any time soon.

A lifeline for the non-communicable ones amongst us, if you recall the news in the past year, where everyone was watching with anticipation of the latest updates surrounding the pandemic. In that little box in the corner of the screen resided a sign language translator, operating in real-time and communicating directly to those who couldn’t hear.

Opening doors to other cultures through subtitles on foreign films, magically allowing non-speakers to experience a film or documentary, it came from translators who have the responsibility to ensure the language maintains its meaning for whomever consumes it.

Little examples like this are sprinkled throughout our society as a whole and often the thought of how it all happens does not occur. Translation is paramount for a worldwide society and it’s actually quite a lucrative and exclusive club to be a member of.

You Can Translate That?

There is quite a diverse range of translation services that always require good and noble participants like Technitrad. The range of translations extends far beyond simple conversation and each has its own unique focus on a new aspect of the concept of language. Scientific translators focus on documents and research papers that require an incredible knowledge base in the field of science.

Legal translators are vital for translating important court documents typically necessitating a laser focus on legislative terms. Medical translators have a specialty in, you guessed it, medicine and medical terminology which is vital, not only for patients and doctors who need assistance communicating, but for the medical community as a whole with research papers requiring precise translations. There’s even literary translators which seems obvious enough, but translating a novel while keeping the inherently unique voice of an author is no small feat and not a simple task.

Translator services typically hire specialised translators that have a particular skill-set with each of these, the possibilities are endless. To put it mildly, in all facets of life, there is a translation needed, where there is a translation needed, you need a translator.

The Challenging Yet Rewarding Road

Like any worthwhile pursuit, the road to certification is paved with incredible mountains to overcome. For certification in any translation, there are arduous tests and a developed and demonstrated knowledge of a totally different culture, syntax and speech pattern. NAATI has an array of certifiable options for becoming a translator which leads naturally to working at one of the various Translation services around the country or even the globe.

Not only is there a constant need for effective translators around the world, the specialised nature of the work lends itself to a higher echelon on the pay scale. Reported salaries of up to 72,000 with some services have been reported, opportunities to assist with international relations or even volunteering to help the community is a rich and noble reward for a niche skill.

Can’t I Just Google It?

While it may be helpful for directions or small bites of knowledge, the sheer breadth of understanding required to translate something needs a human touch most of the time. For instance, recently during the pandemic, the Australian government used the online tool to translate critically important information in a variety of languages to distribute to members in the multi-cultural community. The message turned out to be nonsensical, which brings to the forefront the notion of trust that multi-cultural members of the community may have after seeing the care going into it.

If you were to apply for citizenship in another country, you would need more than a simple click of a button. Endless documents require strict and accredited translations of birth certificates and an array of other official documents before the process even begins. There has been many examples in the past of people getting to the front of the line and with a single misspell, sent right to the back.

A Final Note

There’s a lot to be said about the world of translations, since the days of Babel, there has been the discussion surrounding language and its vital importance to the human condition. Translator services are vitally needed in an ever connecting landscape. Weather it is an emergency, for work or for moving around the world, sometimes you will need to engage with one of the various services available. It’s wise to research them as much as you can, an easy method of choosing the right one is to find out their credentials. Accredited services are pricey, but you will certainly get what you pay for.

Another thing to remember, sounds silly but it can happen. Check that the service you are thinking of using has the language you require, oftentimes in a rush or panic, people will jump at the first service without noticing that their language or dialect is not covered.

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