Walmart files for a patent to contend with Amazon

Online shopping is sweeping the nation with many consumers familiar with the platform and its ease of use. E-commerce websites such as Amazon have put small businesses out of business due to the reach that these companies can accumulate. However the major selling point for brick and mortar stores is the experience of going into a shop itself and browsing before you make a purchase.

E-commerce websites due prompt you about products that are related to the items that you buy but the basis around the procedure is that you already have an idea in your mind about the product that you want to purchase.

According to Bloomberg, Walmart has filed a patent for virtual reality technology that can emulate the shopping the experience from an online setting. The patent was filed earlier this year by Walmart that aims to make brick and mortar stores still relevant in the digital age.

The virtual reality stores would be a digital, three dimensional representation of a Walmart store and give you the experience to look through the aisles as if it were real. Users will be able to have a digital shopping cart or basket where they can add to their cart before checking out.

Walmart is no stranger to VR technology where they have found factors of their business that have benefitted greatly from the integration of the new technology. The supermarket giant uses VR for purposes such as employee training. While no company has developed the technology as of right now, it is rumored that Amazon is also developing a similar experience as well.

While the idea of a v-commerce space is becoming popular, it could be possible that the idea falls through completely. Consumers are always hesitant to change especially when it comes to changing the way that they have been doing something for a long period of time. Additionally for you to gain full access to the services that are being rumored, you will need to have the appropriate technology to go along with it which includes the VR headset which can be quite expensive.

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