Maliachigh Broadwater’s Strategy for Longevity in the Music Business?

The current musical landscape seems to demand one-hit wonders. It is due to this that many artists find it difficult to experience longevity in their careers as entertainers. One of the secrets... Read more »
Insight Pet Solutions

Insight Pet Solutions offers the best dog oral care to reward your dog

Dental health is an important aspect of overall pet health, and it’s especially important for dogs. Poor dental health can lead to a variety of problems, including infections, tooth loss, and even... Read more »
Fortnite security breach

Fortnite mobile for Android devices has a serious security flaw

The massive online battle royale video game has finally made its way onto Android devices this week. Fortnite has been out on iOS devices for some time but had been awaiting its... Read more »
Walmart amazon vr

Walmart files for a patent to contend with Amazon

Online shopping is sweeping the nation with many consumers familiar with the platform and its ease of use. E-commerce websites such as Amazon have put small businesses out of business due to... Read more »
Gomez - Ney Grant

Instagram Using Technology in a Bid to Outpace Gomez the Hacker

With a reported 2 billion in active monthly users, even a conservative 0.1% of current accounts hacked is 2 million hacked accounts. Instagram’s response? Build an impenetrable customer support wall with no... Read more »
How to Check whether your site has been penalized by Google

How to Check whether your site has been penalized by Google?

There are certain rules set by Google to run a website. In case of violation of any of these rules, a user faces a penalty, which is comparable to one such disciplinary... Read more »
Uber e-bikes scooter

Uber plans to diversify their services with electric bikes and scooters

Chief Executive for Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi, aims to increase their global business by expanding their services to electric bikes and scooters. The plan is that the Uber app will be able to... Read more »