social media

The Benefits of Posting Regularly on Social Media for your Business

Businesses are aware of the impact of social media and its ability to drive traffic to their site and increase conversion rates. And yet, many businesses are still not making full use... Read more »
keyword research

Why the Right Keywords Are So Important?

Online marketing is vastly different from other traditional marketing methods. Competing with other websites and blogs to gain top spot in a busy digital environment requires in-depth knowledge of SEO. Search Engine... Read more »
Cali Dubb

Rapper Cali Dubb drops gems about the marketing of a role model

A role model, in the flesh, provides more than inspiration. Their existence is confirmation of possibilities and reason to follow suit in their footsteps. They are the flame of fate, that torch... Read more »
seo importance

Why SEO is Important For Every Business?

Studies have demonstrated that search engine optimization has a better return on investment in terms of business profit than other types of marketing and advertising. SEO is good for business, in terms... Read more »
How COVID-19 has changed global marketing strategies

How COVID-19 has changed global marketing strategies

The year 2020 is not over, but COVID-19 has influenced the marketing industry in the current year. COVID-19 and its depressive effects have changed the market, but the question is how it... Read more »
Couponing with Tyler

Saving Money and Having Fun Doing It with Couponing with Tyler

With the increasingly unpredictable nature of domestic markets around the world, consumer behaviour naturally switches to being more conservative with its spending. While it’s never a bad time to look for a... Read more »
website traffic

Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Website

The average conversion rate to sales from people on your website are around 2-3%, according to the Conversion Voodoo website. This means that when you have an e-commerce website, the best situation... Read more »