How Intuitive Coach Erica Russo Can Help You Get in Touch with Your Spiritual Side

Erica Russo has spent the past few years getting in touch with her psychic and mediumship abilities. She realised quite quickly that she had a gift and had been experiencing psychic moments throughout her life. Upon realising this she got to work on refining her gifts and focusing on developing them to their full strength.

In 2018 she started offering spiritual readings to the public. She felt that her gifts could assist people in resolving issues and working towards a better life. It was then that she realised her reading sessions were developing more into 1 on 1 coaching sessions. Her business has now evolved into just this.

People from far and wide come to Erica Russo to hear her advice and to discover how they can improve both their personal and spiritual life. She offers 1:1 coaching packages, a mastermind, online courses, and a monthly membership called the Intuitive Life Society. All of these services are designed specifically to nurture personal and spiritual growth.

The mentoring sessions work through Erica Russo’s psychic gifts. She begins by setting an intention for Spirit and the universe before the session. She asks the universe to speak through her clients when in the session and she uses this to help guide them in the right direction. Intuitive coaching is unique in this way as it is this internal guidance system that truly leads the conversation. Whether you are a 1 on 1 client or part of a circle session within the monthly membership, Erica will do this to gain an understanding of how she can help you grow and develop.

On top of utilizing her own abilities, Erica aims to encourage all of her clients to get in touch with their own psychic abilities. She creates a safe space for people to heal and vent, encouraging them to enhance their own intuition. There are many ways in which Erica does this and she even has a free PDF on her website that includes intuition enhancing tools and exercises.

The work that Erica Russo does has transformed countless lives. She is gifted in the art of mentoring and is renowned for her ability to help people through any situation.

Erica Russo

You can follow Erica Russo at: or social media: Instagram @intuitivelifestyleco ; TikTok @intuitivelifestyleco, YouTube here or on Facebook @intuitivelifestylecompany

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